UFO no 3 – Rowan Colourscape Cardigan – Naomi

A miracle happened this week…………..I finally finished my Rowan Colourscape cardigan!

I can’t really believe it’s done. I think this was (that feels so nice to say, aah was!) the oldest unfinished project I had so it’s a big relief to say the least.

rowan cardigan - cropped

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WIP Wednesday – more Bloom Bloom Pow and a smattering of confusion

This week seems to have been one of little progress except for the Bloom Bloom Pow which is starting to take shape nicely. The triangles have been cut and tomorrow we’ll have the piecing instructions for the quilt top……yippee, beyond excited…can’t wait to see what the ‘flowers’ look like all stitched together it’ll make such a difference.

bloom bloom pow triangles 1

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Stitched in Color – Mosaic Contest

So I noticed a few other bloggers have been taking part in a Mosaic Contest over at Stitched in Color. Not having a clue what this was I went to have a look and decided to give it a go.

All you have to do is visit Lark Cottons and using Mosaic Maker choose 12 fabrics that you feel work well together. Luckily there is one restriction (I say luckily because otherwise I would be there for hours!) which is that the colours must reflect the contrast between warm and cool colours. You can submit two attempts. I think for most people choosing fabrics is one of the best bits about making if not the best bit so this contest is a lot of fun.

This is my first go:

mosaic competition 1

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WIP Wednesday – Progressing with Piecing

I can’t believe how quickly the time goes, it only seems like yesterday that I was last writing this.

Amazingly I’m still going with the Bloom Bloom Pow and I have also been working on some more of the felted balls I mentioned last post.

Up to now I have completed the first Bloom Bloom Pow piecing stage which was surprisingly pain free and actually quite therapeutic. I now have a beautiful pile of patchwork pieces. The starch is a revelation making everything so much easier. Also I could really notice an improvement in my control of the fabric and machine which makes me very happy. I can now stitch fairly fast without the fabric going all over the place…. woo!

pieced strips 1

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Birthday Bags

This month is a month of birthdays so it’s the perfect excuse for more makings …..whether people want them or not!

So far I’ve completed a makeup bag for my boyfriend’s mum, I’m on to yet another purse and trialling some felted things.

This is said make up bag….

I was pretty pleased with this as it’s the first time I’ve been able to make a purse type thing without having to consult the instructions every five minutes.

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WIP Wednesday – Cutting Finished and One Quick Question

I eventually finished my fabric cutting and after putting them in order, rearranging them, rearranging them again and then cutting some extra fabric to give me a few more options (as if I needed any) I think I have finally settled on a suitable combination. I’m sure I will change my mind again once I’ve finished stitching and know there’s no going back!

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Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt Along!

I can’t say that the past few days have been the most productive in the creative sense, but I can say that I have ‘met’ (is that right? I don’t know!) lots of lovely bloggers through Lily’s blog meet and the Plum and June Monday Link up.

What’s more as a result of all this blog hopping I have found a great new Quilt Along happening over at freshlypieced. I’ve been looking for a bigger project for a while now, but not so big as to be over facing for a beginner like me and this one seems perfect.

It’s called Bloom Bloom Pow…. see:

Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt-Along at Freshly Pieced

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