Strip Bee – the big reveal

Back from a lovely weekend in London.


quilts together

You might remember that some time ago, in fact around a year ago I joined a strip bee. Six of us took turns in swapping quilts, each time adding a new strip to someone else’s quilt top.

For me it all kicked off with this strip and grew from there.

finished strip beeThis weekend we all met up to return the completed quilt tops to their rightful owners!

It’s amazing how well all the quilt strips co-ordinate with each other. Everyone really considered the original maker and their tastes which has resulted in loads of fantastic quilt tops as you can see………..

The lovely host Jen’s quilt

Jen’s quilt top started off with the centre yellow and pink strip, it kind of reminded me of Fruit Salad sweets! It’s such a lovely bright combo and really reflects Jen’s sunny personality. I love the little economy blocks that Fran added at the bottom reflecting the bigger version throughout, it works really well.

Julie’s Quilt

julie quilt

Julie’s quilt is a massive contrast to Jen’s! She is a big fan of organic fabrics and I know I tried to include a fair number in there…unfortunately this meant I just *had* to buy some new fabrics, shame! Mine was the top strip and I think this was my favourite one to make, maybe because I got to make teeny tiny dividing lines, which for some bizarre reason I really enjoy.

Fran’s Quilt

fran quilt

I loved Fran’s starting strip, stars are always a hit with me and those llamas that Sarah added are just the cutest!

Sarah’s Quilt

sarah quiltSarah’s quilt is such a pretty colour combination. I love the fabrics she chose for the snowball blocks and they are matched so perfectly throughout by everyone else. Jen’s mugs at the bottom are a really fun addition.

Maria’s Quilt

maria quilt

Maria’s quilt is really quirky and has a great theme starting from her houses and then carried along throughout the blocks. The birds of Julie’s at the top are just beautiful. It’s like a little street scene captured in a quilt…. a real story being told.

My Quilt

With me…..

my quilt 2

Without me…..

my quilt

Finally my quilt which is quite simply AMAZING, I can’t believe how well it has turned out. When I created my starter strip I really didn’t know what was expected, I now realise no one else was expecting my strip!! As soon as I saw a little peak of Sarah’s portholes I knew it was going to be fab and it definitely doesn’t disappoint!!

Β The question is now… to quilt it?!


16 thoughts on “Strip Bee – the big reveal

  1. What a lovely group project. With a quilt this gorgeous, you need something overall to give texture and hold the layers without distracting from the wonderful colours and construction. Wavy horizontal lines, maybe?

  2. It was fabulous to meet you. They all turned out so well and all very different.
    How to quilt yours? I haven’t got a clue!!
    It’s a quilt where the quilting is secondary to the design so needs to not over power it, so something very simple.

  3. What a lovely post! I enjoyed a chuckle when I read how my blocks echoed the bigger ones… Hadn’t actually spotted that myself!! Must have been my subconscious at work πŸ˜‰ Such a great weekend, I am still glowing from all that quilty goodness.

  4. This is such a fun post to see and read! The project must’ve been very interesting to participate in–shifting gears to match each person starting point, while maintaining your own style. Cool!

  5. It was so lovely to meet you, and your quilt is wonderful. It was seeing your quilt when I was adding my strip that finally got my son to ask me to make him one, so thank you so much for that first strip πŸ™‚
    I agree with Maria, the quilting definitely has to be the secondary effect on these.

  6. I really loved working on your quilt (as nervous as I was being the last one!) and applaud your creativity … it certainly inspired me to try something new. How to quilt? No idea πŸ™‚

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  8. What an amazing collection of quilts – all so very different but so beautiful! It must have been great to meet up and swap them in person πŸ™‚

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