The Final – A Lovely Year of Finishes!!

Ok so I’m off tomorrow, but just realised that I can’t post this when I get back because it will be too late. So just to confirm I finished my cushion and caught up with the city samplers.

Here’s proof…..

pillow pop cushion

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The ghost of Christmas past!

The whole Christmas gift/decoration making has kind of passed me by this year!

This may be down to my preoccupation with November birthday gifts, or my preoccupation with the City Sampler  however I feel it is more likely my memories of past Christmas stress that is the cause. This goes back to me as a newbie let’s give it a go, let’s make my first ever quilt on a rubbish sewing machine three days before Christmas kind of quilter.

This time last year this is what I was doing………….

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The Final Countdown!

Woo hoo…. nearly Christmas, happy times!!

My countdown to Christmas (and New Year) seems to have gone hand in hand with my City Sampler count up to 100. And my Christmas present to myself is to get all my City Sampler blocks finished.

Amazingly that has almost happened. I’m up to 90 now, plus I have cut all the fabric up to the big 100. I am determined to get them all done before New Year so I can put that part to bed for 2013. Plus we’re going to Berlin (so excited!!) over New Year and DO NOT want to be stressing about those last few blocks.

Here’s a few to look over………

Block 71

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Lovely Liberty – a Friday finish!

Remember these…..

liberty fabrics - vb handmade

I couldn’t resist cutting into them, but felt guilty keeping them all to myself so turned them into this present for my Aunty’s birthday.

liberty star 1

I think she was pleased!

back of liberty star

It is *another* Liberty star, but I don’t think I could ever tire of these. They’re so simple to make, but so pretty too.

Liberty Star 2

This time I tried a new squiggle for my FMQ  and layered two pieces of batting together. It felt so lovely and squishy to quilt and after the texture was so fabulously bumpy I might just have to try it again….. very impressed!

I would like to make one of these for myself, but I know I probably won’t because I hate to make the same thing twice…we’ll see…..

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Playing Catch Up – Part 1!!

Finally the sun came out and I got round to taking some pics of my City Sampler blocks.

I’m up to no. 70 now so only 13 or something more to catch up..ha ha! Plus I’ve reached the Squares section and I can see the magic 100 calling to me in the distance, yipee.

I won’t bore you with ALL of them at the mo. Let’s just get halfway so here we go up to 65.

(Just realised I haven’t done 55 – 58 yet, will have to dig them out another time…aaaand somehow I missed 61 too, whoops!)

Block 59

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December Goals

Ok, so November kind of disappeared into a black hole somewhere, not sure how that happened! But happiness of happiness I have remembered to get down to making some December goals which always keeps me on track.

I did manage to get some stuff done last month. This being the main thing……….

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