Blogger’s Quilt Festival – City Sampler!

100 blocks,

almost 365 days,

at least 20 posts…..

And finally the City Sampler is here!

Actually it was finished ages ago, but I got waylaid by the photography side of things.

Spring '14 Blogger's Quilt Festival -

Really though it seems to have been perfectly timed for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, yay!! Last time I didn’t have the confidence to put anything on show, but I did have fun visiting everyone else’s beautiful quilts so I decided this time why not enter.

And that’s what I’m doing with my biggest quilt so far and possibly, most probably, my last……unless I sort out my sewing space!!

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The Final Countdown!

Woo hoo…. nearly Christmas, happy times!!

My countdown to Christmas (and New Year) seems to have gone hand in hand with my City Sampler count up to 100. And my Christmas present to myself is to get all my City Sampler blocks finished.

Amazingly that has almost happened. I’m up to 90 now, plus I have cut all the fabric up to the big 100. I am determined to get them all done before New Year so I can put that part to bed for 2013. Plus we’re going to Berlin (so excited!!) over New Year and DO NOT want to be stressing about those last few blocks.

Here’s a few to look over………

Block 71

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City Sampler – Blocks 43-45

It’s time for some more City Samplers….not that I’ve done that many as I am a little behind AGAIN!  I should be able to catch up pretty quickly though so it’s no big deal.

Here’s the most recent blocks. Unfortunately as the weather gets worse here so does the photography!!

Block 43

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Drawn to the light

Recently I’ve realised that I am neglecting my darker fabrics. This isn’t a new thing….it was the same with the Bloom Bloom…..I’m not sure exactly why this is, it just seems that although they draw the eye they don’t catch my eye in the same way as light / medium fabrics do.

It’s mostly the solid colours that I avoid, I like them in isolation, but while I would combine mediums and lights in one block I tend to avoid using more than one dark.

Maybe it’s because those in my stash tend to lack warmth, maybe it’s because when I look at them they seem to swallow all light whole…or…maybe…(and I like this possibility best)…..I need to buy more fabrics.  I think it must be that one!!

So I’m sorry dark fabrics if you’re not getting the attention you deserve, I am trying to redress the balance…honest. However, sadly this time it didn’t go so well.

We started off on the right foot….

Block 25

city sampler - block 25

See ….two, yes TWO dark fabrics TOGETHER!

But then it went into decline. Continue reading

A Lovely Year of Finishes – June

So I just made it this month….I thought I’d get everything done easily, but no. I suppose I’ve had social stuff and extra work stuff all conspiring against me and my quilting. Nevermind, I did it even if is super last minute!

My proudest achievement this month is my finished Bee Strip.

This is the first time I’ve made flying geese and I have to say it wasn’t too bad. This is what they looked like before the strip…

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City Sampler Sew Along

So I’m counting this as both a finish and WIP which I think is fair…I’ve finished the blocks, it’s just not the whole project…think it’ll be next year before that’s likely!

As I mentioned before one of my goals for the month is to catch up with the City Sampler sew along, so that’s what I’m in the process of doing.

Look what I’ve done so far…

Blocks 1

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