Strip Bees Quilting Bee

Like I said in my last post I’m starting a few new things this month.

One of the main projects is a quilting bee I’ve joined called Strip Bees hosted by Maria at Sew Love to Sew

strip bees

This came about after seeing Lynne’s post over at Lily’s Quilts calling for volunteers to join her Siblings Together bee. I did think about adding my name to the list, but a combination of  procrastination and doubt (great mix!) meant that never quite happened.

Anyway,  thanks to Maria I got a second chance!!

Maria is actually taking part in the main bee, but as if this isn’t enough she has decided to organise her own as well which she invited me to join…. of course this time I said yes!

I have to admit I was slightly worried about my skills (or lack of them) at first, but after having a think and getting started on an idea I’m really enjoying it.

There are six of us involved, who are..



Here’s where I’m up to so far………

rainbow strips_strip bee

Yeah I know it’s not very far!

I’m making use of my scraps from the Bloom Bloom so the colours are similar to that. I really wanted to get on with it rather than messing around with colours for ages so this makes things way easier.

I was thinking of using a white background with black accents of colour, but now I think grey might be better as it’s more practical plus I’ve got some, which helps…..I forgot to order the white (as usual!).

What do you think?

Ignore the fact that it’s not stitched together, the general wonkiness and creased fabric.

rainbow strips grey_strip bee

The grey/black is going to run through all the blocks as a way of pulling them together as each block will be kind of different, well some will mirror each other.

I’ve opted to make 5 x 8.5″ blocks. This block will be in the centre…

centre block_strip bee

It will have a narrow grey/black border which will link to the dark lines on the other blocks….that probably doesn’t make much sense so you’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out….. like me.

What’s extra BRILLIANT about this is that it works on a cycle…… so I send my strip off and someone sends me theirs and so on. This equals constant newness and change….perfect! Because if there’s one thing I hate it’s repetition, yep I hate repetition, I REALLY hate repetition……..sorry a bit cheesy, but I think it proves my point repetition is annoying!

Changing the subject the 2013 Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop kicked off this weekend…….

Plum and June

The blog hop will last through June and July.

Here’s the schedule for this week, I will be updating this each week (on time from now on!). My spot is coming up 21st June!

Friday June 7th

Amy @ 13 Spools
Casey @ The Studiolo

Linking up with Laura from Little and Lots for Let’s Get Acquainted

Bye for now!

Plum and June


17 thoughts on “Strip Bees Quilting Bee

  1. I am so lost when it comes to quilting lingo, but I do know your quilting stuff looks good :)! Especially that last picture, it looks so neat!

  2. Your blocks are beautiful. Those fabrics are perfect with the grey and black. I much prefer cycle bees where you can see everyone’s quilts growing all through and I think it nice that everyone gets theirs back at the same time 🙂

  3. Hi there. So sorry not have commented earlier. I seemed to have missed putting your blog on my bloglovin reader so didn’t know you had posted until I read on Sarah’s blog that you had.
    I love what you’ve done so far. Wonderful colours.
    I haven’t started yet as I don’t seem to have had much sewing time lately but that should change over the next few days, especially if I ignore the housework!
    Glad you used the logo! Maria

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