Blogger’s Quilt Festival – City Sampler!

100 blocks,

almost 365 days,

at least 20 posts…..

And finally the City Sampler is here!

Actually it was finished ages ago, but I got waylaid by the photography side of things.

Spring '14 Blogger's Quilt Festival -

Really though it seems to have been perfectly timed for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, yay!! Last time I didn’t have the confidence to put anything on show, but I did have fun visiting everyone else’s beautiful quilts so I decided this time why not enter.

And that’s what I’m doing with my biggest quilt so far and possibly, most probably, my last……unless I sort out my sewing space!!

city sampler 4


It all started with this (rather wonky) block and went from there.

block 1_city sampler

Gradually I completed more and more until the last seam on my number 100 was sewn.

There were times, when I started to flag, but on the whole it was a great way of getting something super huge done without too much stress. As you can see, or count, some blocks didn’t make the final cut. It’s sad, and I’m a little sorry for them, but I just didn’t quite love them enough to include them!

But here’s one of my favourite bits………..

city sampler - my favourite block


As soon as picked the fabric I knew how I wanted my quilt to look. Not completely. But the idea to have some kind of cross stitch pattern was a strong influence. I wanted it to reflect the theme behind the Indian Summer fabric I was using. A bit like a native American embroidery or some such thing.

It isn’t quite, exactly how I envisaged, but size had a lot to do with that. I was almost crying when putting it together as it was!

city sampler close up 2

The Back

I also knew I wanted to go for a reversible type quilt…this seemed the perfect excuse to use more fabric!

Botanics was all over the place and I *had* to have some so I invested in a large quantity for the back panels. I also threw in a little Lotta and one Kona solid. Then divided it all up with some Kona graphite and wasabi (my all time favourite).

back of city sampler 1

The wasabi dividing line was an after thought, and a rather tiring one at that. I really didn’t need to spend additional time splitting the grey panels to add that strip but my gut was telling me that I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t. I felt that line would help tie the intended wasabi border to the rest of the quilt and now I’ve done it I really think that it works.

close up of city sampler - back and front


I wanted the quilting to reinforce the shapes formed by the quilt blocks and to create an additional pattern. I opted for my favourite auriful in aqua and quilted in the ditch before adding the diamonds. I went for QAYG because there’s no way I could have done it in one piece. I’m just hoping it’s quilted enough!

I love the way the quilting is really defined on the back. In fact I actually think I like the back as much as the front.


city sampler - back close up

I was super happy to be able to finally drape it across the bed, it really vastly improves the room. However, my boyfriend has suggested that we don’t actually use it, instead we ‘keep it nice’!

Really?! I spent a YEAR making this quilt, I am not going to be keeping it in a cupboard!!

Quilt Stats

Pattern: City Sampler blocks by Tula Pink. Quilt layout designed by me!

Size:  72″ x 84″

Entry: large quilt category


  • Les Amis
  • Indian Summer
  • Glimma
  • Tule
  • Anna Maria Horner
  • Kona Solids – Midnight, Salmon, Mango, Candy Green
  • A few others………..Quilter’s Linen, Sketch, Kaffe Fassett shot cotton

Background Fabric: Sketch in charcoal

Binding: Kona Solids – Wasabi

Quilting: Machine quilted by me!

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27 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival – City Sampler!

  1. Hi Amy! You have made fantastic work with this quilt! Layout, Fabrics and colours are gorgeus and I love the backing also! x Teje

  2. It’s a sensational quilt, quite gorgeous, and you should definitely have it on the bed so you can admire it and stroke it and congratulate yourself every time you look at it or lie under it. I have my masterpiece on the bed too, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Blow keeping it nice! Well done!

  3. This is beautiful Amy – I like your layout, and the quilting is perfect. The back is fabulous, too – inserting that wasabi strip was definitely worth it! I’m all for using it – best way to enjoy it!

  4. Holy crap girl! This is amazing!! I have waited so long to see this come together and you sure didn’t disappoint! I love every last stitch of it. Your quilting is perfect. And the layout!!!… genius! Even that back is sensational! Great work Amy!

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  6. Oh. My. God. I have been crushing on this quilt for so long… And girl, the final quilt did NOT disappoint. It. Is. Stunning. I’m obsessed with the colors, the layout, everything. You did a phenomenal job making this your own. I love the quilting- and not just saying it. It’s awesome. And the back- round of applause for you!!! Do not put this in a cupboard. I. Love. It.

  7. Oh my goodness it’s amazing! Wow so much work, and you’ve done a truly wonderful job. I love the back and the quilting too, it all works perfectly. I hope you get to enjoy it on the bed for many years to come :-))

  8. Awesome!! What a great layout for your blocks. I love that you made it a 2 sided quilt with a planned back. The quilting works really well too!!

  9. Wow! It’s just stunning. I love what you’ve done with the block placement and the quilting is just perfect. Perfaith x

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