Finishing Up For May!

It’s almost the end of May which means time to round up my finishes and despite the sewing machine hiccup things have gone pretty well.

Here’s what I’ve managed to get done:

a lovely year of finishes - may mosaic

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simple modern sewing wrap skirt – pattern 5c

So this week hasn’t been a very good week for my sewing machine as it is unwell and has been sent away to be fixed….very sad. It’s got something wrong with the foot pedal which keeps beeping every other second and stopping me from sewing. This has been highly irritating while trying to complete recent projects as you can imagine. Anyway it got taken away the end of last week and hopefully won’t be gone too long…fingers crossed.

On a more positive note knowing it would be leaving pushed me to finish whatever I could and this meant my Simple Modern Sewing Skirt…finally!simple modern sewing skirt1

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A Lovely Year of Finishes

I have so many different things to start and finish this month that my brain is having a hard time trying to remember what they all are!

As always my solution for this was to write a list (how I love lists!) then I thought why not link it to A Lovely Year of Finishes so that’s what I’m doing.

I seem to to have missed the window for this the past couple of months, probably because I wasn’t particularily confident that I would actually get anything done, but happily I’ve managed more than expected up to now so fingers crossed it continues that way.

My plans for May are:

1. Finish quilting Bloom Bloom Pow……

bloom bloom pow

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WIP Wednesday – Bloom Bloom Pow …..again!

I seem to have started a lot of things recently that are lying around unfinished…..the felted balls, QAYG purse, Simple Modern Sewing skirt and the Bloom Bloom Pow.

Really I shouldn’t really talk about them like that… it makes it sound like I’ve just abandoned them, that’s not the case. I keep going back to different projects, I complete a bit then move on. It stops me from getting bored.

They WILL get finished especially as a couple are intended as presents.

The Bloom Bloom Pow is actually coming on really well, I just didn’t want to rush the piecing. I have stitched the half hexagons together but not the whole top yet as I needed time to get the layout sorted. I think I have finally settled on one I like after ignoring my boyfriend’s quality advice of  ‘going with the first one because you’ll never be able to find one you really like’….thanks for that!

b b p layout brightened

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WIP Wednesday – more Bloom Bloom Pow and a smattering of confusion

This week seems to have been one of little progress except for the Bloom Bloom Pow which is starting to take shape nicely. The triangles have been cut and tomorrow we’ll have the piecing instructions for the quilt top……yippee, beyond excited…can’t wait to see what the ‘flowers’ look like all stitched together it’ll make such a difference.

bloom bloom pow triangles 1

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