WIP Wednesday – Bloom Bloom Pow …..again!

I seem to have started a lot of things recently that are lying around unfinished…..the felted balls, QAYG purse, Simple Modern Sewing skirt and the Bloom Bloom Pow.

Really I shouldn’t really talk about them like that… it makes it sound like I’ve just abandoned them, that’s not the case. I keep going back to different projects, I complete a bit then move on. It stops me from getting bored.

They WILL get finished especially as a couple are intended as presents.

The Bloom Bloom Pow is actually coming on really well, I just didn’t want to rush the piecing. I have stitched the half hexagons together but not the whole top yet as I needed time to get the layout sorted. I think I have finally settled on one I like after ignoring my boyfriend’s quality advice of  ‘going with the first one because you’ll never be able to find one you really like’….thanks for that!

b b p layout brightened

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Lily’s Quilts – Small Blog Meet

It can get a bit lonely being a new blogger [sobs]…..no, don’t feel sorry for me, I’m ok.

However, I am always on the look out for new ways to connect with other bloggers so i don’t feel quite so small and this week I stumbled across two great new ways of doing just that.

No 1 is Love All Blogs which has a special section for new bloggers. You can both add links to your own blog and search for others under different categories.

No 2 is Lily’s Quilts – Small Blog Meet. If you are a blogger with fewer than 50 followers you can add this button and then link up with others.

Lily's Quilts
I do feel a bit of a fraud signing up for this as I don’t have a huge amount of quilting going on here, but hopefully that will change soon……………when I get paid!


Now off I go to check out some new blogs.