WIP Wednesday – more Bloom Bloom Pow and a smattering of confusion

This week seems to have been one of little progress except for the Bloom Bloom Pow which is starting to take shape nicely. The triangles have been cut and tomorrow we’ll have the piecing instructions for the quilt top……yippee, beyond excited…can’t wait to see what the ‘flowers’ look like all stitched together it’ll make such a difference.

bloom bloom pow triangles 1

Sadly things weren’t as easy as they should have been with the old Bloom Bloom due a few major lapses in concentration.

Initially, cutting the first set of triangles didn’t take two minutes. Yay, I thought to myself this is going to be a breeze….and then I laid the pieces out. Clearly this was not going to be as easy as I first thought….this was a job for Seam Ripper.

Basically the first strip I cut into was wrong……. again I felt that sense of doom and again that thought of ‘what if they’re all wrong?!’

Thankfully it wasn’t any great thing, it was just that because I had offset my strip to the left rather than to the right which meant I had to cut them in a different order and so my flower petals were going in the wrong direction. When I checked through my pile of strips there were about five others like this. I did contemplate leaving them and adding a bit of interest with the odd exception, but then decided against it for fear of causing other problems further down the line. So I redid them all.

bloom bloom pow triangles 2_edited-2

Unbelievably  I had to do one them twice as I managed to repeat the mistake when trying to correct it……what kind of idiot does that……oh yeah, that would be me!

On top of this I lost concentration and cut a couple of triangles too short so I had to scrape together my few remaining bits of white fabric to make up another two strips to then repiece and cut.

Anyway finally it’s all done. Let’s hope it all works out when I come to sew them together!

Other than that not much to report. Just started making a skirt (pattern 5c) from my Simple Modern Sewing Book unfortunately (yes, something wrong again!) I think there is an error in the pattern (it’s always best to blame the pattern) as so far my fabric pieces for the toile do not look right and I just found a couple of reviews saying the same thing.

The strips for the front and back facing are too small……….. there’s no way I can get into them the size they are now. Will try and adapt them but as my dress making skills are limited not sure how well this is likely to turn out. We’ll see…..

pattern 5c

If anyone has had a go at making this I’d be interested to hear from you.

That’s it for now, bye!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


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