WIP Wednesday – Bloom Bloom Pow …..again!

I seem to have started a lot of things recently that are lying around unfinished…..the felted balls, QAYG purse, Simple Modern Sewing skirt and the Bloom Bloom Pow.

Really I shouldn’t really talk about them like that… it makes it sound like I’ve just abandoned them, that’s not the case. I keep going back to different projects, I complete a bit then move on. It stops me from getting bored.

They WILL get finished especially as a couple are intended as presents.

The Bloom Bloom Pow is actually coming on really well, I just didn’t want to rush the piecing. I have stitched the half hexagons together but not the whole top yet as I needed time to get the layout sorted. I think I have finally settled on one I like after ignoring my boyfriend’s quality advice of  ‘going with the first one because you’ll never be able to find one you really like’….thanks for that!

b b p layout brightened

My final choice may not be perfect, but it’s good enough and hopefully will look pretty all sewn up. The colours in this picture are a bit yucky and don’t really do the fabrics justice, but I will get a better one when it’s stitched together.

close up of bloom bloom pow

Other than that inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee I decided to finally make myself a skirt so I have made a start on my Simple Modern Sewing pattern 5c.

I did nearly give up before even getting going because:

1. Although it’s called a wrap skirt, it isn’t actually a wrap skirt (look I’m a beginner I don’t need confusion like this)

2. When I cut the pattern out I realised it was no way going to fit. At first I thought it must be my weird shape or poor understanding and pattern cutting skills, but no after googling it seems others have had similar problems. This made me feel better!

Anyway, determined this was not going to stop me I altered the pattern and set about making a toile . Now, things could have gone horribly wrong this being my second ever skirt, however miraculously the toile seems to fit….how did that happen?!

This is where I’m up to:

simple modern sewing skirt

It may look quite large, but there’s a reason for this. I’m going to write a more detailed post soon about the process as I think it might be helpful for someone out there.

More of that to come…………..

sbmbWIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


11 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Bloom Bloom Pow …..again!

  1. I love the way the quilt is coming out — it’s going to be gorgeous! I’ve been trying to resist starting this one. I love the pattern and really want to make it, but am at the tail end of a big sampler that I reallyreally want to finish before I dive into another quilt.

    I’ve been trying really hard to get over my fear of sewing clothing and just do something already — I want to make some cute summer skirts and maybe a dress but have been finding the idea of it slightly alarming for some reason.

  2. Good choice on the final quilt lay-out! Was it a bit like shopping i.e. you go round all afternoon looking for the perfect thing and end up in the first shop you were in?

  3. Just popping over from the Lily’s quilts link up. I love your bloom bloom pow quilt it looks fab!
    Pleased there’s someone out there too other than me who has been inspired by sewing bee to try making clothes 🙂

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