Constellations Quilt – Finally Photos!!

Well, it’s about time isn’t it?!

Eventually I finished the quilt and finally there are some photos, yay!

This month has been busy to say the least:

  • 4 birthdays ( including one 70th and one 1st)
  • 1 school holiday
  • 2 trips away
  • halloween
  • bonfire night
  • and a number of projects to finish

However somewhere amongst this my Constellations quilt was produced…..

constellations quillt

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WIP Wednesday – Constellations Quilt

Finally I managed to snap a quick pic of my constellations quilt top!!

And when I say quick I mean quick…..I only just managed it. After only four snaps it started raining ……………. AGAIN!

It’s still going today and will be for the rest of the week. Why oh why!

constellations quilt top

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A Lovely Year of Finishes – October Goals

This month I have one rather large-ish goal and a couple of little ones.

My main goal is to finish my nephew’s quilt.  We’re going over the end of the month so it should must be done by then.

close up - star quilt

I don’t think that’s too big an ask as I have it all worked out in my mind which is the main thing! Continue reading

A Lovely Year of Finishes – September

Before I get started on the finishes I really must say a couple of big thank yous for some lovely surprises this month.

First, this great bag that Jen aka Glinda Quilts made for my little girl. Isn’t it gorgeous? I happened to mention she liked one of the fabrics and in super fast time the bag was waiting for me my daughter complete with said fabric.

jen bag

This was another hit with little O and as she’s just started dance classes it’s perfect for her kit. So thanks very much Jen!

Then, on top of this, today I checked my emails to find that…..shock of all shocks….I’d won a giveaway! Seriously I have never won anything in my life, but thanks to the lovely Teje @ Nero’s Post and Patch that’s changed…yipee!

I now have $20 to spend at Pink Chalk Fabrics which makes me VERY happy….good times!!

(Plus if you haven’t seen Teje’s Forest quilt you really should check it out, it’s beautiful).

Annnd *deep breath* keep an eye on my blog over the next week because I will be hosting my very own giveaway to celebrate reaching 100+ followers. Continue reading