Keeping it Simple – June Goals

First things first…….. if any of you read this post you may be wondering whether my sister’s baby arrived…well she did in the early hours of Sunday morning. So now I have a beautiful new niece, yay!

We are going to visit this weekend so I will be taking my quilty goodies with me….quite excited. I’m thinking super cuteness!!

Anyway this month is a bit hectic so I’m not sure it’s wise to set any major goals. We’re pretty much going somewhere every weekend. Plus I am determined to try and make it to the gym at least twice a week (that’s twice as much as usual!) which is going to put the pressure on. Is that wise I ask myself?!

cube - part made block

I did draw up a design for a cushion at the weekend AND started making it so I will be listing that as my main goal.

cube close up

The pattern did take some working out, but I got there in the end. It may get added to the list of things to do for a tutorial that I’ll probably never get round to!

cubes 3

(Not a great idea to photograph on a cream wall!)

I actually used white, yes white as the background which is a rare event round here, but it’s being given away so no fear of getting ruined in our mucky household.

So that’s it, anything else is a bonus. I think I might spend some time working out what to make next, what to buy next and how to go about the next three journal quilts.

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Quilty Bucket List!

There’s a great blog hop that’s just started.

Yes, you guessed it ‘Quilty Bucket List‘ over at The Tilted Quilt.

I LOVE lists, I am a list kind of person. It’s my way of trying to organise my very unorganised brain! I’m not sure how helpful it actually is as I tend to make a list, look at it once, forget where I’ve put it, things change, I revise list…and so on!!

I’m hoping this will help sort things out.

1. Improv Sampler Quilt

First on the list is an improv sampler… this beauty:

Heather Ross Improv Quilt by Heidi Staples of Fabric Mutt

This pic led me to the hop as Heidi of Fabric Mutt is one of the first stops. I just LOVE it!

I’ve done the old City Sampler (no finished photos yet sorry!) so I’m looking for something more relaxed and a bit haphazard (in a good way)!!! Continue reading

February Goals – MORE City Sampler!!

Look what I won!


Yes, that’s right, I won a beautiful set of Aurifil threads for the December Lovely Year of Finishes!!

Aren’t they gorgeous?! I only have limited blue threads at the moment so very pleased to see this beautiful rainbowy array, can’t wait to try them out.

Onto my goals for this month.

Quite simply it’s this……. Continue reading

Playing Catch Up – Part 1!!

Finally the sun came out and I got round to taking some pics of my City Sampler blocks.

I’m up to no. 70 now so only 13 or something more to catch up..ha ha! Plus I’ve reached the Squares section and I can see the magic 100 calling to me in the distance, yipee.

I won’t bore you with ALL of them at the mo. Let’s just get halfway so here we go up to 65.

(Just realised I haven’t done 55 – 58 yet, will have to dig them out another time…aaaand somehow I missed 61 too, whoops!)

Block 59

block 59 Continue reading

WIP Wednesday – Constellations Quilt

Finally I managed to snap a quick pic of my constellations quilt top!!

And when I say quick I mean quick…..I only just managed it. After only four snaps it started raining ……………. AGAIN!

It’s still going today and will be for the rest of the week. Why oh why!

constellations quilt top

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City Samplers – Blocks 46 – 48

I’m almost past the halfway mark with these now which makes me happy!

Will be posting the next lot pretty quickly (as yet again I am behind) I just haven’t quite finished them yet.

These new ones are my favourites for a while….I think..I probably say that every time!! Anyway as a batch I love these colours together ……in fact one of the things I’ve loved most of all about making these millions of blocks is that I’m constantly finding new fabric and colour combinations to make me drool.

As I’m halfway (nearly) it’s about time for a recap…….favourites so far must be…….

  • kona salmon, essex linen in black, timeless treasures raindrops in yellow and some kind of low volume white (in this case Indian Summer)

Block 32 Continue reading