Hi, thanks for visiting my blog!

My name’s Amy and I live in a small town in North Wales with my boyfriend, daughter and very fluffy cat who is possibly the greatest admirer of my creative efforts. By day I work for a charity, but by night I make stuff.

It seems to have taken an age to get to the point Iโ€™m at now. Although I studied art a long time ago I ended up heading in a completely different direction and sadly (largely due to thinking all my makings are rubbish) I barely produced anything in the years following. However, this changed when a couple of years ago I enrolled on a local felting class and things kind of went from there. That class helped me realise that my love of texture, colour and pattern has never left me and since then a quiet creative obsession has crept over me, now I canโ€™t get enough of all things textiley.

I have set up this blog to keep myself motivated and as a way of documenting my progress, however slow that may be. I also hope it will help me to reflect on my ideas and find solutions to my problems so please feel free to post advice or ask questions your comments are very welcome.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Amy, I am a new blogger too this year. Your story sounds so familiar! I share a site I like on my blog every saturday, and this week, it is you, so hopefully some of my readers will find their way to you, and vice versa. Keep creating! Emma

  2. Get ready…creativity is explosive! I love your creations and look forward to many years of enjoying your blog…remember…the only person your art needs to please is you! Make what gives you joy, your life will be full…and keep your art eyes and art heart open to all the glorious ways you have at your fingertips to express yourself. Good on you!

  3. Hi there Amy, I’ve nominated you for a Wonderful Team Member Readership Award….I know I think someone was having a laugh when they named this! Anyway it’s for fun and I’ve put a link to your blog on my post. Best Mandy

  4. Hi Amy, I love your blog, with all the beautiful things on it. As others have said, being creative is about making something that you love, and that you enjoy creating. It’s not about something ‘good’ as others might see it, but about making something with love and enthusiasm. Keep on crafting!

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