A Lovely Year of Finishes – January

Ok so I achieved my goal for this month, yay!

Here’s to setting mini goals I can actually do….(without too much stress)….woo!

Just to prove I’m not lying, here’s some little pictures:

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City Sampler – Ch… Ch… Ch… Ch… Charcoal!!

Well I finally came to a decision. Thanks for all your suggestions, it’s so helpful to hear what everyone out there thinks…especially if you agree with me..haha!!

I went with my intitial option…yes, you guessed it…charcoal!

I got some other Kona colours through including some Kale and Celestial, but they weren’t quite right and so tired of the brain strain I went with my gut.

Here’s a little sneak peak of the result:

city sampler - piecing 2

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City Sampler – A bit of background

As promised I’m back looking for some opinions. I managed to scrape together some possible fabrics to use as sashing/background. They are not looking the best – poor light and lack of ironing (there was no way that was going to happen!) but you get the idea.

No 1

Now ignore the pattern on the fabric…like I said I had to scrape together some examples as my stash is somewhat limited. So what I’m thinking here is Kona Cypress or Kale.

I really like this colour, but worried that some of my greens may get a bit lost.

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Pillow Pop – Garden District

I felt a bit sorry for this little one. It didn’t quite get the post it deserved. So I’m back!

Must admit I was a teensy bit daunted by this design at first and at one point I thought I’d never get it done! There seemed to be a never ending process of steps – cutting then sewing, cutting then sewing, some more cutting then some more sewing and so on!!

Then there was a bit of a mix up with my fabric order so I was sat in the cold, dark, back room (oh poor me!) sewing this on Christmas Eve. I’m quite proud of myself for sticking with it. That was not how I pictured the night before Christmas and sewing against the clock is never clever!!

Buuuut in the end I got there and this is the result……

pillow pop - garden district

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New Year Goals – Strip Bee!

I could come up with a million goals for January as there are so many things I’m excited to get on with, but I’m just sticking with one.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Of course there’s the obligatory City Sampler, that goes without saying, but my *actual* goal is going to be my next Bee Strip strip.

I’m on quilt top no 5 now……..just one more to go before the big swap and great reveal. Eek!!

Anyway, here’s a little peak at the strip for quilt top no 3 Continue reading

Back from Berlin!

As I write this I’m watching the Ipcress File, I bloody love that film. I’ve read the book, watched the film twice and still don’t know what’s going. Still it looks so great!

Just thought I’d throw that in there!!

Well I made it to and from Berlin without any major hiccups. We had a few issues with the air con..like outside it was 3°C, while inside it reached 27°C. I’m generally super warm so it did not suit me…luckily it got sorted!!

Anyway we saw lots of pretty things………


berlin lightsOutside Cafe Einstein on Kurfürstendamm

We ate lots of yummy things……..

me and cake!Fassbender-Rausch cake!

cheeseCheese platter at Arema!

And we bought quite a few pretty yummy things………..

kusmi tea 1Kusmi Green Tea

iitala glassIittala Glassware

iittala glass 2

So pretty… they were all lined up in a beautiful array of rainbowy goodness. I managed to refrain once, but foolishly returned and that was it! I now want more, a whole load more! Must resist……RESIST I say!!

Back soon to link up my goals for January!