WIP Wednesday – Backstitching!

Remember this:

embroidery on frame

No?! Well, yes it’s kind of a distant memory for me too!!

I can’t even remember the last time I picked it up, but for some reason it feels right to go back to it now and I’m enjoying the change from quilting it gives.

brightened embroidery

Progress is slow, but it’s definitely there!

Look I even made myself a little circle of threads using an embroidery ring. thread circleDon’t they just look so pretty together?

I’ve also dug out the fabrics I bought to make some clothes. Those clothes have never materialised, but again I’m feeling ready.

dress fabrics

The pattern is cut and tomorrow I have a day off…yay!! So maybe, just maybe I’ll get my Everyday Skirt done. Let’s hope so!!

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6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Backstitching!

  1. Like you, I sometimes need a quilting holiday. At which point, I generally make a bag, storage basket or other small thing that I can make and finish quickly to give me a mental boost. And when I’ve made a big complicated quilt, I like to quickly make a smaller simple one to re-kindle my enthusiasm. I love the colours you’ve selected for your tapestry, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it soon (no pressure!).

  2. Oh I’m like this – I have slow burn projects and slooooooow burn projects y’know? I love the rich bright colours your using – they looks so pretty in a ring. I normally put my threads on a piece of cardboard – or hole punch down the side of the embroidery pattern and loop them on. Your way is so much prettier

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