City Sampler – A bit of background

As promised I’m back looking for some opinions. I managed to scrape together some possible fabrics to use as sashing/background. They are not looking the best – poor light and lack of ironing (there was no way that was going to happen!) but you get the idea.

No 1

Now ignore the pattern on the fabric…like I said I had to scrape together some examples as my stash is somewhat limited. So what I’m thinking here is Kona Cypress or Kale.

I really like this colour, but worried that some of my greens may get a bit lost.

blocks on turquoise

No 2

I think this is Kona Charcoal, but might use Graphite if I settle on this one.

blocks on dark grey

No 3

This is the cord that I made my Everyday skirt out of (yes it is finished!). Also liking this option, but same as the turquoise worried about mismatched blues or lack of ‘pop’!

blocks on blue

No 4

My intial choice when starting out, but now for cat and child issues I’m not sure!!

blocks on ash

No 5

Finally Sketch in Charcoal…leaning towards this one at the moment. Potentially with the odd line of a limey green sashing going across. I know, it sounds strange, but I have it visualised!!

blocks on charcoal

So these are the main choices. I could have gone through many many more I’m sure, but you have to draw the  line somewhere hey?

Would love to hear what you think.

One last question…would it be bad not to use *all* 100 blocks? It just I’m not too keen on some of them and it’s likely to be huge so a few here and there won’t be missed….will they?


15 thoughts on “City Sampler – A bit of background

  1. Personally I like the dark blue (oh what a surprise), because I think it makes the aqua bits pop out and makes the low volume blocks stand out too. Not keen on any of the greys, and I think you’re right about the aqua background.

  2. Definitely the kona charcoal or that last one. Love them. And hell no it’s not bad to leave out blocks. You just made 100 blocks. This quilt is a masterpiece. You gotta love it!!!

  3. Number 2 would be my pick! They pop so nicely off the charcoal, though 4 is also a contender. They don’t pop as much but it gives the quilt a bit more of a calm look. I’m not sure that the contrast is strong enough with the blues for backgrounds, you’re right about some of them getting lost. And i say if there’s blocks you don’t want to use, don’t use them!!

  4. I think you’re original choice, no.5 You could put you less favourite blocks on the back. It would a shame not to use them at all and you’ll have your journey (how many months of your life?) kept together in the same place.

  5. Hi! I would go with the no 4 but if you prefer dark then no 2. I try to have white covers on the sofas but it’s a little bit hopless with Nero and Hanna. I love your blocks. I think you should use exactly those blocks you want and like – it’s your quilt and no block should bother you. Still I think that in a big quilt we don’t see easily all the blocks and also those WHO are not our favourites usually MIX there quite well. If it’s going to be too big, then leave out the less favourites. It’s going to be amazing quilt! x Teje

    • Thanks Teje…I went with the charcoal sketch in the end!

      Because I wanted to do a bit of a different design it has ended up being quite big, which I wanted, but I don’t think I can get all of them on. Might be able to include 80ish?! x

  6. I’m going with No. 2, I think is not too flashy as the background and it can bring out/highlight the colours of other blocks.. (just my 2 cents worth) 🙂
    I’m looking forward to the finished piece.

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