A Lovely Year of Finishes – July

So it’s that time again…let’s see what I achieved this month…

Well there was this Wiksten Tank

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Drawn to the light

Recently I’ve realised that I am neglecting my darker fabrics. This isn’t a new thing….it was the same with the Bloom Bloom…..I’m not sure exactly why this is, it just seems that although they draw the eye they don’t catch my eye in the same way as light / medium fabrics do.

It’s mostly the solid colours that I avoid, I like them in isolation, but while I would combine mediums and lights in one block I tend to avoid using more than one dark.

Maybe it’s because those in my stash tend to lack warmth, maybe it’s because when I look at them they seem to swallow all light whole…or…maybe…(and I like this possibility best)…..I need to buy more fabrics.  I think it must be that one!!

So I’m sorry dark fabrics if you’re not getting the attention you deserve, I am trying to redress the balance…honest. However, sadly this time it didn’t go so well.

We started off on the right foot….

Block 25

city sampler - block 25

See ….two, yes TWO dark fabrics TOGETHER!

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Wiksten Tank complete with FBA!

At the moment my laptop is driving me round the bend so if you don’t hear from me very often right now, that’s why. The screen is dying which has happened before and we (by which of course I mean my boyfriend ) fixed it, but it’s happening AGAIN and honestly I’m seriously losing my patience with it. If I can get through this without my screen going black every two minutes I’ll be very happy.

Anyway here we go, let’s try!

So my recent plans were put on hold the past few days thanks to my fantastic fabric haul which arrived on Wednesday. Seeing this ……

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A Lovely Year of Finishes (and Starts!) – July Goals

I think this month is going to include more starts than finishes. There are lots of things I want to have a go at getting on with especially as the summer holidays are fast approaching which means fewer hours to play (in the crafty sense).

My main finish goal will be, of course, the next lot of City Sampler blocks. I’m happy to say I have caught up and even had my blocks done for the week on Monday..oh yes!

Block 16

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