Wiksten Tank complete with FBA!

At the moment my laptop is driving me round the bend so if you don’t hear from me very often right now, that’s why. The screen is dying which has happened before and we (by which of course I mean my boyfriend ) fixed it, but it’s happening AGAIN and honestly I’m seriously losing my patience with it. If I can get through this without my screen going black every two minutes I’ll be very happy.

Anyway here we go, let’s try!

So my recent plans were put on hold the past few days thanks to my fantastic fabric haul which arrived on Wednesday. Seeing this ……

fabrics sale

Inspired this………cutting wiksten

The beginnings of my very own Wiksten Tank.

I was so eager to get started on something that I searched out what looked like ( and to be honest pretty much is) the simplest top ever. I pre-washed my fabric like a good girl, paid for and printed my Wiksten Tank pattern then set about cutting and piecing it together. Nothing too tricky there!

However, I knew it wouldn’t be straight forward as it never is for me, but I was determined to do it properly so I started with my muslin. Sadly this highlighted what I expected and feared……. the dreaded Full Bust Adjustment was needed….gulp!

In the end it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I used this amazing tutorial and it really was quite simple.

cutting tank

No photos of the truly horrible bagginess around the shoulder and arm hole which instigated the FBA but I think you can get an idea here:

armhole close up

And here…..

almost finished tank

These are both pictures of my top once made, but before further adjustments. Believe me it was much worse pre-FBA.

Anyway needs must and after wearing the tank for a day I was sure I couldn’t put up with the remaining bagging, not so much the look but it also felt odd. I’m pretty picky about how my clothes feel, thay have to feel right or else they get stuffed in a drawer never to be worn again.

I tried a couple of different things by pinning – shortening the sleeves and reducing the side seam. I decided that the easiest method would be just to amend the side seam. This still meant unpicking part of the binding, but at least I wouldn’t have to remove the whole thing……possibly on both sides……. I wasn’t go to do that unless totally necessary.

These are the results…what do you think?

I think it worked out pretty well. Still a little crease, but not bad and no odd feeling anymore.

finished tank frontone side…

side view - finished T

the other side……

wiksten tank - other side

Will definitely be making more of these with a few modifications:

  • narrowing the back around the neck
  • maybe shortening the shoulders
  • raising the neckline (although one of my weird clothes wearing habits is that I cannot wear anything with out a vest and that vest has to be long enough to tuck in to my jeans/skirt otherwise I can’t get on with my day…is that strange? maybe a little! Anyway this means the neckline isn’t too important for me)
  • adding sleeves (on one tank)
  • doing bias facing not bias binding (should’ve bothered more with the instructions there)
  • making  a voile version

Also the Let’s Get Acquainted Blog Hop continues this week, a bit late sorry, but here are the participants:

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13 thoughts on “Wiksten Tank complete with FBA!

  1. So dang cute. I love that print, and this top looks great on you. I have a list a mile long of clothing weirdnesses (one of which involves cardigans but ONLY 1/2-3/4 sleeve cardigans) so I totally understand. Good for you reworking it so it works better for you! I am going to do a Wiksten tank or seven the minute Tule hits stores, so I may be coming with questions. 🙂

  2. It looks great! Well done! I am put off making tops because I need to make pattern adjustments which I think are beyond me, but maybe I can… And the screen looks beautifully colourful to me ;-)!

  3. what a lovely top you’ve made.. great job.. thank you for the link to other blogs.. I love to blog hops like this to see what are other bloggers doing.. 😀

  4. You and laura with your ridiculously cute clothes. I can’t handle it. I’m going to sit here and see off my envy. Or maybe stop being a chicken. Love it!! And my laptop is doing the same thing. I have to buy a new one 😦

  5. I’m going to get myself a Wiksten tank now! I think it looks lovely and casual, and casual clothes are always forgiving with fit!

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