Sunshine and Stars!

This week has been busy, busy, busy and sunny, sunny, sunny……finally!!

It was just me and Little O this weekend so we made the most of the lovely weather… going to the beach,  paddling about and generally having fun.

beach trip_edited-1

I did manage to squeeze a little bit of sewing in though.

Look, here’s what happened to my Liberty fabrics…

close up stars

They were supposed to be wonkier than this, but the wonk just wasn’t meant to be!

stars whole

I LOVE this – the feel of the linen-y fabric, the flowery Liberty and the bright yellow centres. These stars are so much fun to make too and they look so cute….. I can see many more on the way. Even better I used a teeny tiny amount of my precious Liberty fabrics which leaves me with lots left.

So excited to start on the FMQ now, but as this will be my first attempt some a lot of serious practice is needed me thinks!

As well as this I finished my City Sampler blocks…..

Block 19

block 19

Block 20

block 20

Block 21

block 21

I must say I really love these colours, especially block 19. The pale blue is Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in ice blue. I nearly used it as the background for the little stars cushion, but I felt like those needed more weight and that I needed something more forgiving for my FMQ!

Aaaand further happy times…tomorrow I have a pile of fabrics on the way. The Village Haberdashery had a flash sale yesterday…50% off sale fabrics….that means some of them were £4 a metre, how amazing is that…things couldn’t get much better, I feel some clothing construction coming on!

Linking up with Let’s Get Acquainted at Plum and June.

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11 thoughts on “Sunshine and Stars!

  1. I am loving all your blocks! The Liberty stars are just wonky enough. Good luck with the FMQ – it does take some practice, but I am sure you will get the hang of it in no time!!

  2. Love your colour combinations on the city sampler – they’re coming along nicely. Can’t believe that I missed Annie’s flash sale. I made sure that I now follow her blog!

  3. STOP IT. Those liberty stars. Be still my heart. I can’t. That is fabulous – I’m obsessed. I can’t wait to see what you do with it! Your Tula blocks look fabulous as always!

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  5. HOW did I miss your Liberty stars?! (*shakes fist* bloglovin’!! I find the interface so clunky that I don’t even want to spend any time there, so I miss stuff.) They are so amazing. Will the piece become a pillow, or a wall hanging?

    I just won the “Liberty Love” book in a giveaway, so now I am plotting some major Tana-Lawn-related wallet damage. (If I do like two months of no-buy stash-bustering, I will deserve it, right?)

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