Bloom Bloom Pow……Finished at Last!

Do a happy dance and break out the bubbly because today’s the day I finally finished my Bloom Bloom Pow….yipee!!

header bloom bloom pow_edited-1

This is such a super great achievement for me as it is also the first quilt I have made from scratch..cutting, piecing, quilting etc.

Along the way there were many other firsts…

  • first quilt along
  • first time starching
  • first time piecing triangles
  • first time quilting a huge (that’s how it seemed to me!) 70″ x 50″ quilt
  • first time machine binding

…..and many more I’m sure, I just can’t remember them all!

At times I did think it wasn’t going to happen as almost everything was a challenge which led to lots of procrastination! But also lots of things were learnt and it surprised me to find how much I improved over the course of just this one attempt.

Here it is in all its grey day glory…..

bloom bloom pow finished

I used the pebbles binding (thanks to everyone for the great advice!) and decided to try machine binding as I thought it would be quicker and last longer. I’m pretty sure I was right about the latter, but not sure how much quicker it was after fixing all the wobbly missed edges (note to self: take more time to line up the binding!).

close up finished Bloom_cropped

I also mitred the corners. I had done this before and struggled a bit, but it was much better this time.

mitred corners

And here’s the back…

bloom bloom pow quilt back finished

Now, time for a cup of tea and some planning of the next project….can’t wait!

PS if anyone wants to have a go the details can be found at Lee’s blog Freshly Pieced as can links to other Bloom Bloom Pow-ers. Thanks Lee!

Linking up with Lily’s Quilts Small Blog Meet…sbmbLily's Quiltsand….Let’s Get Acquainted hosted by Anabella at Life’s Rich Pattern

Plum and June


37 thoughts on “Bloom Bloom Pow……Finished at Last!

  1. Holy guacamole CONGRATULATIONS! It’s beautiful! I admire anyone who completes a quilt because it just takes so much patience, and this is a really gorgeous quilt!

  2. Love it!! I like your scrappy version better than the original. I didn’t join in on the QAL but still would like to make this quilt one day. Nice job!!

  3. Yay! Yay! Yay!! So proud and excited for you. Awesome job with the quilting and the binding! I know you will love snuggling under this one and it will always be special!

  4. Wow – congrats on finishing your first quilt from scratch – It’s an absolute beauty. I’m sure there will be lots more 🙂 Thanks for linking up today at LGA.

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