Drawn to the light

Recently I’ve realised that I am neglecting my darker fabrics. This isn’t a new thing….it was the same with the Bloom Bloom…..I’m not sure exactly why this is, it just seems that although they draw the eye they don’t catch my eye in the same way as light / medium fabrics do.

It’s mostly the solid colours that I avoid, I like them in isolation, but while I would combine mediums and lights in one block I tend to avoid using more than one dark.

Maybe it’s because those in my stash tend to lack warmth, maybe it’s because when I look at them they seem to swallow all light whole…or…maybe…(and I like this possibility best)…..I need to buy more fabrics.  I think it must be that one!!

So I’m sorry dark fabrics if you’re not getting the attention you deserve, I am trying to redress the balance…honest. However, sadly this time it didn’t go so well.

We started off on the right foot….

Block 25

city sampler - block 25

See ….two, yes TWO dark fabrics TOGETHER!

But then it went into decline.

Block 26

City Sampler - Block 26

If you see Tula’s block she uses a much darker selection of fabrics, but I just couldn’t do it, *sighs*

Block 27

City Sampler - Block 27

Must try harder. I think I’ve got one more set before the end of the month so will add it to my goal of the month.

Isn’t it funny how our tastes get so engrained and hard to change. Does anyone else share my problem or are you guilty of the opposite?

Anyway , changing the topic completely I started reading a book recently … I know what you’re thinking…stop it…not reading, proper reading of a book and everything. Well, yes I know it’s not the most jaw dropping news, but I was quite excited to find out by my surprise that the main character is a quilter!

The book  ‘Salvation of a Saint’ is by a Japanese author called Keigo Higashino which I picked on the basis of another of his that I’d read. I’ll be interested to see what it has to say about quilting (if anything).

Sorry, just thought I’d throw that in there, even if it is a bit of a random comment!

To finish here’s a sneak peak of my pillow pop exploits which will be coming soon………..

pillow pop peak

Please remember to stop by the bloggers on the hop this week it’s coming to an end soon.

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6 thoughts on “Drawn to the light

  1. The navy Indian Summer print in your first block is one of my fave’s! And it looks gorgeous with the teal and the cross hatch… another stunning block! Are you doing all the blocks? I so can’t wait to see this quilt finish up, it’s going to be glorious!

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