Wiksten Tank complete with FBA!

At the moment my laptop is driving me round the bend so if you don’t hear from me very often right now, that’s why. The screen is dying which has happened before and we (by which of course I mean my boyfriend ) fixed it, but it’s happening AGAIN and honestly I’m seriously losing my patience with it. If I can get through this without my screen going black every two minutes I’ll be very happy.

Anyway here we go, let’s try!

So my recent plans were put on hold the past few days thanks to my fantastic fabric haul which arrived on Wednesday. Seeing this ……

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Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt Along!

I can’t say that the past few days have been the most productive in the creative sense, but I can say that I have ‘met’ (is that right? I don’t know!) lots of lovely bloggers through Lily’s blog meet and the Plum and June Monday Link up.

What’s more as a result of all this blog hopping I have found a great new Quilt Along happening over at freshlypieced. I’ve been looking for a bigger project for a while now, but not so big as to be over facing for a beginner like me and this one seems perfect.

It’s called Bloom Bloom Pow…. see:

Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt-Along at Freshly Pieced

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