City Sampler – Ch… Ch… Ch… Ch… Charcoal!!

Well I finally came to a decision. Thanks for all your suggestions, it’s so helpful to hear what everyone out there thinks…especially if you agree with me..haha!!

I went with my intitial option…yes, you guessed it…charcoal!

I got some other Kona colours through including some Kale and Celestial, but they weren’t quite right and so tired of the brain strain I went with my gut.

Here’s a little sneak peak of the result:

city sampler - piecing 2

I’m pretty pleased with it and looking forward to getting it all done!!

Sadly I completely miscalculated on the amount needed (no surprises there) and have had to order more. In fact I have bought up all the sketch charcoal I found in the sale and may, if things are worse than I thought, have to buy some more.

That won’t impact on things too much as it will only be needed for the sashing and I have to make it through quilting first!! Fingers crossed I get the piecing finished this week so I can get this thing finished for February.

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14 thoughts on “City Sampler – Ch… Ch… Ch… Ch… Charcoal!!

  1. That works really well. I’m a great believer in letting either your gut or the quilt tell you what it needs, rather than using what you think you ‘should’ because of the colour scheme.

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