Pillow Pop – Garden District

I felt a bit sorry for this little one. It didn’t quite get the post it deserved. So I’m back!

Must admit I was a teensy bit daunted by this design at first and at one point I thought I’d never get it done! There seemed to be a never ending process of steps – cutting then sewing, cutting then sewing, some more cutting then some more sewing and so on!!

Then there was a bit of a mix up with my fabric order so I was sat in the cold, dark, back room (oh poor me!) sewing this on Christmas Eve. Iā€™m quite proud of myself for sticking with it. That was not how I pictured the night before Christmas and sewing against the clock is never clever!!

Buuuut in the end I got there and this is the result……

pillow pop - garden district

And a close up………

Pillow Pop - close up

I’m sorry if I make it sound a bit of a drag, because in all honestly it really wasn’t. The whole process was actually quite relaxing and those appliqued petals are just the most satisfying thing to make…..EVER. I am already thinking of more ways to use this technique…..I just love the effect and texture you get once they’re attached.

Pillow Pop (Garden District) - back

Cushion Stats

Pattern: Garden District from Pillow Pop compiled by Heather Bostic

Size: 19.5″ x 19.5″

Front Fabrics

  • Les Amis
  • Chicopee
  • 2wenty Thr3e – Fox Trot
  • Kokka – Horse Play
  • Amy Butler
  • Kona Solids – Celery (sashing and background)

Backing Fabrics: Essex Linen – Flax

Binding: Collage – Texture in Paper

Quilting: Machine and hand quilted by me!

Following my recent trip to Germany I thought it was perfect to link to Monday Maker/Montags Macher!


14 thoughts on “Pillow Pop – Garden District

  1. Gorgeous! Well done for finishing on time. I must admit I find working with curves a little daunting as i can not get them to look as rounded as I would like.

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