Constellations Quilt – Finally Photos!!

Well, it’s about time isn’t it?!

Eventually I finished the quilt and finally there are some photos, yay!

This month has been busy to say the least:

  • 4 birthdays ( including one 70th and one 1st)
  • 1 school holiday
  • 2 trips away
  • halloween
  • bonfire night
  • and a number of projects to finish

However somewhere amongst this my Constellations quilt was produced…..

constellations quillt

Not everything progressed as expected, except for the fact that nothing went to plan.

little star

The FMQ went OK, in fact dare I say it…it went quite well and I actually enjoyed it!! I got slighty stressy as I was trying to manouever it about and stuff it through the tiny arm space. But I love the effect of the squiggles and the lovely texture it gives the quilt. I still find it a bit of a nightmare when stopping and starting, but I’ll just have to practise a little more.

Constellations quilt - FMQ

The biggest difficulty I had was with the large star.

wonky star

Now in my little brain I had imagined a lovely wonky star on the front and back which matched up perfectly allowing me to handquilt it with my woolly aurifil.

Sadly my little brain didn’t factor in the fact that ‘wonky’ would mean that a perfect match was not going to happen. This soon became apparent when I kept FMQ-ing over the points.

back - wonky star

I *was* going to leave it until I read that the batting might collect in a big yucky ball inside so a new plan of action had to be taken. I started by pinning all the edges to see where I could stitch. I tried hand quilting, but then realised the aurifil wasn’t strong enough and I would need beeswax. Didn’t have any. So machine it was. It’s not bad, but not great and the quilting was horrible!!

back of constellations quilt

Anyway it has gone to its new home and I am reliably informed that it is getting some great baba love and cuddles.

rolled up quilt

Quilt stats

Pattern: Mine ( paper piecing from Kirsty @ Quiet Play and big inspiration from here)


  • Front: Constellations – Lizzy House
  • Binding: Jewel in blue – Lizzy House
  • Back: Sketch in charcoal flannel & Sketch Chevron Ziggy in Yellow – Timeless Treasures

Quilting: Squiggles by me!

Size: 45.5″ x 36.5″ (I forgot to remeasure so I think this is right!!)

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20 thoughts on “Constellations Quilt – Finally Photos!!

  1. This is fantastic, Amy, it’s been fun watching it come together and it’s a great finish. Not surprised it’s getting lots of cuddles 🙂

  2. I think you’ve done a brilliant job! I’ve tried lining stuff up on the front and back before and I’ve never been happy with the result, so I think you’ve done really well 🙂 and the quilting is awesome !

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