City Sampler Sew Along

So I’m counting this as both a finish and WIP which I think is fair…I’ve finished the blocks, it’s just not the whole project…think it’ll be next year before that’s likely!

As I mentioned before one of my goals for the month is to catch up with the City Sampler sew along, so that’s what I’m in the process of doing.

Look what I’ve done so far…

Blocks 1

block 1_city samplerBlock 2

block 2 - city sampler

Block 3

block 3 - city sampler

As you can see these ones are a bit rough! I was just sewing away thinking these look nice, the fabrics are cute and they aren’t half as wonky as I expected, then…. after finishing the second one I decided it might be a good idea to check the size. Yes, there had to be something and there was – TOO SMALL!

It’s one of those newbie quilting things. I thought I was being really careful, cutting on the narrow-er side so the block wouldn’t be too large and keeping really close to the seam edge so it would be nice and straight, but it didn’t occur to me that the seam would be wider because of this and that each little bit of fabric would be slightly too small which added up to about 1/4″ on the second one, *sigh*

But DON’T PANIC they can be saved!!

1 and 3 are ok in most parts. I think I can do something with freezer paper there’s a tutorial here, but any advice is very welcome. I think I’ll have to remake no. 2 but I just can’t face it right at the moment!

Despite this I’m enjoying making them, there’s lot’s of variety and on the whole they don’t take too long.

My next batch was much better……

Blocks 4

Block 4 - city sampler

Block 5

block 5_city sampler

Block 6

block 6 city sampler

Not bad for a week’s work.

I must mention that I completely forgot to add the list of names of the others involved in the Bee, I have updated the post, but they’re here too:


Also here’s the list for the blog hop:

Friday, June 7th
Amy @ 13 Spools
Casey @ The Studiolo
Friday, June 14th
Julie @ Jolie Maxtin
Adrianne @ On The Windy Side
Valerie @ Between Quilts
Friday, June 21st
Leigh Anne @ Ella’s Cottage
Sarah @ Quilt Candy
Jackie @ NW Patchwork
Erica @ Happy Fabric
Stephanie @ Simple Sewendipity
Lauren @ Seraphym
Friday, June 28th
Green @ So Sew Green
Gwendellyn @ The Rainbow Revolts
Michelle @ Factotum Of Arts
Kris @ Sew Sunshine
Camilla @ Faffling
Friday, July 5th
Christa @ Christa Quilts!
Stephanie @ Quarter Incher
Kristy & Shayla @ Sassafras Lane Designs
Friday, July 12th
Anne @ PlayCrafts
Friday, July 19th
Kelsy and Amanda @ Everyday Fray
Aylin @ AyliN-Nilya
Friday, July 26th
RobinSue @ RobinSue Quilts
Elizabeth @ In The Boon Docks
Emily @ Sew E.T.

Linking up with Needle and Threads Thursday @ My Quilt Infatuation and Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday.


16 thoughts on “City Sampler Sew Along

  1. wooohoooo! i am loving this color scheme and how it’s working out! i think my favorites are block 3 and block 4. omg. they are amazing. this quilt is going to be great with all this fussy cutting going on!

  2. those blocks rock! I hate when I get a block done and it’s just a wee bit too small.. 😦 I don’t know of anything you could do but I’m sure there are lots of people smarter about those things than I am. You could maybe cut off another half inch around, then add a border of the main green fabric. It won’t be exactly the same, but it could work if you really don’t want to remake it.

    Thanks for linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday. I’m a new follower on Bloglovin, too!

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  3. We all have been there done that when it comes to mistakes. Hope you get it all worked out. The last plus block is my favorite.

  4. They are all so pretty! Block’s one and three are my favorite’s, the fussy cutting is great!I had the same problem when i made my first one (can’t remember which number it was)… turns out that i wasn’t using a scant quarter inch. And because of the number of seams the block ended up way to small! Still haven’t figured out what to do with it!

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