The Final Countdown!

Woo hoo…. nearly Christmas, happy times!!

My countdown to Christmas (and New Year) seems to have gone hand in hand with my City Sampler count up to 100. And my Christmas present to myself is to get all my City Sampler blocks finished.

Amazingly that has almost happened. I’m up to 90 now, plus I have cut all the fabric up to the big 100. I am determined to get them all done before New Year so I can put that part to bed for 2013. Plus we’re going to Berlin (so excited!!) over New Year and DO NOT want to be stressing about those last few blocks.

Here’s a few to look over………

Block 71

block 71

Block 72

block 72

Block 73

block 73

Block 74

block 74

Block 75

block 75

Block 76

block 76

Block 77

block 77

Block 78

block 78

Block 79

block 79

Block 80

block 80

Plus this little one that got lost along the way!!

Block 55

block 55

Or rather I didn’t want to do it so it got abandoned!!


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