The ghost of Christmas past!

The whole Christmas gift/decoration making has kind of passed me by this year!

This may be down to my preoccupation with November birthday gifts, or my preoccupation with the City Sampler  however I feel it is more likely my memories of past Christmas stress that is the cause. This goes back to me as a newbie let’s give it a go, let’s make my first ever quilt on a rubbish sewing machine three days before Christmas kind of quilter.

This time last year this is what I was doing………….

my first quilt

At this point I had no clue about quilting, I was not a quilter, a sewer/sewist or whatever, I was not an embroiderer, crafter, maker. Not really. I did a little knitting, the occasional crocheted cowl, oh and a little felting but that was it. The sewing machine had not yet been blessed with my presence!!

The want was there though, pushing ideas into my mind. It was only when I stumbled across above quilt kit that a whole new world was opened to me.

my first quilt

Looking at it now it seems very simple, but that wasn’t what was going through my mind at the time!! It’s quite funny to think that I had no clue how to make a quilt and things that seem (almost) natural now were a mystery back then. If you look closely at the binding I had completely the wrong idea. I didn’t even bother to look up how to attach it. I got it half right with the machining, but the corners were the ‘whatever works’ method and the hand stitching amounted to running stitch. I must say I do actually find that look quite pleasing so it’s all good!

You would think I’d have learnt from this down to the last second approach, but oh no!

This time this year I am doing this………….

cute cat

Little Cat Rumi! (Not the cushion in the background, I paid for that prior to my quilting days!)

I really want to make a whole family of these. Is it going to happen? Unlikely.

and this…………..

pillow pop

Yes, the Pillow Pop Garden District cushion. Just a quick little gift…not!

In my defence my interfacing order got messed up and only arrived on Friday so it’s not all my fault. But saying that I probably should have got that order in sooner. Anyway, it will be done by Christmas, I have faith.

Now, let’s just see have I got enough fabric for the back, hmmm……………..


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Enjoy the festive season, I will see you soon!!

x  x  x  x  x  x  x  x


5 thoughts on “The ghost of Christmas past!

  1. Little cat rumi is so cute and I love the pillow you are working on. Lovely fabrics too. You’re first quilt is wonderful! I have a quilt that I made for my DMIL 14 years ago for Christmas. She has since passed away. The binding on it is horrendous!!! I’m leaving it as it is, unless it must be replaced. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Happy Holidays Amy! Your First quilt looks amazing, little cat so cute and the pillow is going to be fantastic! This year I was so busy that I gave up with the Christmas prepareations. Some lights is enough this time and I hope to realax and enjoy with crocheting and perhaps start a NEW quilt. x Teje

  3. I made my first quilt a few months ago, and my 2nd as a Christmas present. Neither were perfect but I am still really proud of them. We all have to learn sometime. Next year hopefully I will improve some more. Yes, it always takes longer than I think it will!! Happy Christmas and a happy year of crafting to you too.

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