WIP Wednesday – Progressing with Piecing

I can’t believe how quickly the time goes, it only seems like yesterday that I was last writing this.

Amazingly I’m still going with the Bloom Bloom Pow and I have also been working on some more of the felted balls I mentioned last post.

Up to now I have completed the first Bloom Bloom Pow piecing stage which was surprisingly pain free and actually quite therapeutic. I now have a beautiful pile of patchwork pieces. The starch is a revelation making everything so much easier. Also I could really notice an improvement in my control of the fabric and machine which makes me very happy. I can now stitch fairly fast without the fabric going all over the place…. woo!

pieced strips 1

There was one heart in mouth moment (a bit dramatic maybe, but it would have been seriously upsetting), when comparing my first piece to the sample on Freshly Pieced. My centre pieces looked considerably fatter than Lee’s and a feeling of dread came over me with my mind starting to process a million thoughts like:

*$#%!, what if they’re ALL wrong? There is no way I’m doing them ALL again, maybe I can adapt the pattern (yeah right!), then lastly and possibly most importantly……  my boyfriend’s going to think I am super thick!

Happily I pulled myself together, got out the ruler, measured them and found it was just some evil optical illusion. Phew!

Apart from the Bloom Bloom which is taking up most of my time I have been working on more of these:

felt pin cushion

I am trialling different ways of making them to see which produces the best result in the shortest time.

Here’s one half way through, not looking the greatest yet, but with a little care and attention I’m sure it’ll be fine! I have made the flower petals a bit thicker this time as those in the pin cushion above are too flimsy for my liking.

blue felted ball 2

Will be working on some more over the next week, playing with petals styles, shapes and decor. My daughter has put her name down for this one so I’d better get it right she’s a strict taskmaster! Going to stuff it with lavender in the hope it will help her sleep…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


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