It’s A Cinch Tote Bag!

So I finished this a while ago and put a pic on instagram, but am just catching up on the blog!

land that never was

Way back when I won a quilty voucher for Pink Chalk Fabrics, it was a happy day!

I had been wanting to make myself a new bag for a while so I invested in some beautiful Lisa Congdon fabric. Then set about searching for something suitable.

The bag had to be:

  • Big but not too big
  • An over the shoulder style
  • Zip up-able
  • Able to frame the fabric
  • And…a little bit of a challenge

I found this in the It’s A Cinch Tote from Uhandbag.

It's a cinch tote 1

I must say that I definitely found it a challenge, mainly because I kept making stupid mistakes or didn’t have the right stuff. Continue reading


Birthday Bags

This month is a month of birthdays so it’s the perfect excuse for more makings …..whether people want them or not!

So far I’ve completed a makeup bag for my boyfriend’s mum, I’m on to yet another purse and trialling some felted things.

This is said make up bag….

I was pretty pleased with this as it’s the first time I’ve been able to make a purse type thing without having to consult the instructions every five minutes.

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UFO no 2 – felted purse

UFO, WIP, NFO whatever you want to call it, it’s finished!

To be honest this one hasn’t been in the queue that long, but still it’s good to complete it especially after a poor start.

As usual things didn’t go to plan. I sat down this afternoon with a couple of hours free, thinking that it would be done in one, but it wasn’t to be (no rhyme intended..ha ha).

My intention was to line it, stitch the sides, make the button hole and add the button. Simple no? Well, no.

Lining the felt was fine see…….

lining felt clutch

I also reinforced the top and bottom edges using the freehand embroidery foot and zig zag stitch. I don’t know if there is a better way of doing this. If there is please let me know.

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Experiments in Felting

So………………you know I said that I was going to concentrate on felting for a while, well, I have done some, but concentrating on one thing isn’t something that comes naturally for me, my brain doesn’t like it. You can guess what this means, yes this week I have been mainly sewing…again!

Anyway let’s get to the felting as that’s what I promised. Following the two prefelts I discussed last time I made a few more, this time I managed to keep them plain. I didn’t really know what I was going to do with them as my only real inspiration was the colours themselves which came from watching my daughter doodling the other week using the same pink, green and yellow. I was struck by how beautiful the colours looked together.

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Perfecting Purses

I haven’t had much time to produce this week as I went to stay at my sister’s over the weekend with daughter and school ted in tow. It wasn’t the most relaxing of weekends as it involved National Rail, Primark on a Saturday and freezing temperatures, but fun was had by all and made even better for me as I finished two successful sewing projects prior to going.

No1  was the Moda Quilt Along trivet I described in my previous post and No2 was the last, so far, in a long line of ….well, ok only four…. purses. Here’s where it started:

First Attempt at Patchwork Quilted Purse

First Attempt at Patchwork Quilted Purse

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