Birthday Bags

This month is a month of birthdays so it’s the perfect excuse for more makings …..whether people want them or not!

So far I’ve completed a makeup bag for my boyfriend’s mum, I’m on to yet another purse and trialling some felted things.

This is said make up bag….

I was pretty pleased with this as it’s the first time I’ve been able to make a purse type thing without having to consult the instructions every five minutes.

Initially I was quilting around the triangles which, as you can imagine, took rather a long time. However, half way through it dawned on me that I could have just done a MUCH easier criss-cross pattern …duh! Anyway that’s what I did on the other side. If I’d been using a darker thread I would have kept to the triangle quilting so that it mirrored the pattern but as I’d used red it wasn’t very visible.

There were (like always) a couple of mishaps like – accidentally picking up both sides and stitching them together and also sewing the bag together without opening the zip for turning. But nothing major so overall pretty successful and I think the recipient liked it too….happy days!

Will definitely be using this kokka stamped fabric again as it was gorgeous and had such a lovely texture, unfortunately it is like the most expensive…typical.

I am also in the process of making another purse (my favourite things!) using the Quilt As You Go technique I found on Oh Fransson! I’d heard of this before but not really registered what it actually meant. When I finally got round to looking it up I found a great new way of quilting which both saves time and allows the freedom to chop and change…something I maybe don’t need, but like. It’s also perfect for using up all those scraps, yay!

As a change from all this quilting I was inspired to try some 3D felting after seeing some lovely patchwork balls on Craft Hill Fabric Artisans. It reminded me that I’d been wanted to try the styrofoam balls in my felting to see what I could create. This is where I’m up to……….

It’s just work in progress at the moment and needs work (see nasty french knots), but the idea is there.

As I want to make one I can fill with lavender or something I actually removed the ball and stuffed it instead to see if it would hold its shape and it did…just about!

Hoping to make more this week …….will keep you updated.


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