Stitched in Color – Mosaic Contest

So I noticed a few other bloggers have been taking part in a Mosaic Contest over at Stitched in Color. Not having a clue what this was I went to have a look and decided to give it a go.

All you have to do is visit Lark Cottons and using Mosaic Maker choose 12 fabrics that you feel work well together. Luckily there is one restriction (I say luckily because otherwise I would be there for hours!) which is that the colours must reflect the contrast between warm and cool colours. You can submit two attempts. I think for most people choosing fabrics is one of the best bits about making if not the best bit so this contest is a lot of fun.

This is my first go:

mosaic competition 1

I chose this selection because I love orange and blue together. When I paint (which doesn’t happen very often these days) I use this combination in practically every picture for highlights and lowlights.

Also it reminds me of Korea as one of the many things I loved there was the blue and orange roofs. Even though they were only corrugated iron I always felt these colours made them look so pretty.

So with these colours in mind I just picked some fabrics I like and worked out which ones go together best.

My second selection was based on my love of pink and grey…very 80s. I can remember when I was little I had a pink and grey anorak…oh how I loved it!

Initially I planned to just use the dark and pale pinks, but added the persimmon pearl bracelet and dot steel clementine (orange cirles) to warm it up a bit otherwise it wouldn’t have been warm/cool but cool/cool which wasn’t the aim. The mosaic intially started with a kind of night and day theme, but then drifted off course a little, but it’s still there somewhere.

mosaic competition pink and grey

It’s been much fun doing this, usually I just copy and paste into word, but this looks more professional, although the image quality isn’t that great. Anyhow I will probably try it again when I start my next quilt.

Why don’t you have a go………. you never know you might win something!


6 thoughts on “Stitched in Color – Mosaic Contest

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  2. I had seen people doing this, but didn’t know why! Thanks for linking to the tool – now I want to play with it. Too bad I’m on a serious fabric diet. I am loving the pink and grey combos – well done!

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