Bloom Bloom Pow Update

My fabric arrived over the weekend..yay! I ordered it on Thursday, it was sent out on Friday and arrived on Saturday. How great is that? Thanks Village Haberdashery and Gone to Earth!

Here it is:


Very lovely don’t you agree?

There were a few surprises, like what I thought would be black Nani Iro was actually dark purple, luckily that fits well with my other colours so it’s fine and overall they look pretty together.

I took Lee’s advice and converted the image to black and white to try and decipher the values of my fabrics so I could split them into dark, medium and light.


This was fairly helpful, but I think because I decided to use patterned fabric it was a little more difficult to separate them. Also some fabrics which seemed quite light to the eye looked a lot darker when converted and vice versa, very strange!  One thing that did strike me was the need for maybe one or two additional dark fabrics so I raided my small stash and came up with yet another sea themed pattern that I used in my Simple Modern Sewing Top.

As I’ve had to buy all these fabrics I really want the quilt to work out as well as it can so I’ve been trying to be good and do everything I’m supposed to. I’ve been using the tips from Pile O’ Fabric as Alyssa is holding a very helpful Skill Builder BOM (another thing on my list). Anyway Alyssa talks about starching fabric and as it’s not something I’d ever used before I thought I’d give it a go.

I washed all my fabrics first, then spent most of Sunday afternoon starching and ironing them (yawn!). I even went back to the shop when I ran out of starch half way though…not something I would usually do….EVER.


After all this I was actually able to start cutting my fabrics. I haven’t got very far……..

I will carry on this evening and hopefully I’ll be finished by Thursday ready for the piecing.


3 thoughts on “Bloom Bloom Pow Update

    • i love all the bright colours on your blogg and am hoping to learn how to do patchwork or something similar i’m a real novice but i’ll give a go at anything. i’ve just finished a simple squares quilt for my brotherxx

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