First Post …….eek!

So, it had to happen eventually ….I have finally entered the ‘blogosphere’ or whatever it’s called.

It’s all part of a New Year’s resolution to learn to sew, felt and just generally make some stuff. The hope is that through blogging I will be forced more motivated to create on a regular basis. Buuut… I heard somewhere that the more people you tell about a new year’s resolution the less successful you will be. Not sure how that works here, I suppose if no one reads this I’ll be ok. To be honest the making seems to have happened by itself, it’s the thought of blogging that has got in the way, but we’ll see…………..

Anyway enough of the negativity here’s something I finished this week, yay!

cap-sleeved top - simple modern sewing - pattern 7b

cap-sleeved top – simple modern sewing – pattern 7b


7 thoughts on “First Post …….eek!

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  2. This is gorgeous!! I love the whole sailor style top with sailor fabric!! Love your matching binding…clever. Do you mind sharing the pattern make? Kate x

    • Well it’s really pretty and the adjustments to neck and pleats/buttons are really cute…I’d want to make it the same way!! I’ll check out that pattern..tho I have lots of ‘projects’ in the pipeline already! Kate x

      • If you do decide to make it I would recommend making a toile beforehand as you may need to alter it quite a bit. You can’t see from this pic, but it’s really wide and a bit short…. I’m really selling this aren’t I?! Good luck, I’ll be interested to see yours ๐Ÿ™‚

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