WIP Wednesday – Cutting Finished and One Quick Question

I eventually finished my fabric cutting and after putting them in order, rearranging them, rearranging them again and then cutting some extra fabric to give me a few more options (as if I needed any) I think I have finally settled on a suitable combination. I’m sure I will change my mind again once I’ve finished stitching and know there’s no going back!

And here they are all laid out……..

Now for my question……….

I haven’t done much quilting in the past. In fact I’ve only ever made one smallish quilt and even then the strips were precut. Nevertheless I have made a few cushions and one of the questions that always comes to mind when I’m cutting pieces is…

How precise do I actually need to be?

I’m sure there must be some method to this. Even if I cut a nice straight line, when I come to line it up for the next strip it’s usually still not exactly what you’d call straight, more wiggly. This isn’t due to some kind of manic fabric cutting but because even if I cut the straightest of straight lines the fabric moves. The starching has helped but some of the fabrics were still tricky.

I know there must be techniques, but what are they and how important is it really?

Answers on a postcard……….. (or you could just leave a comment!)

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10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Cutting Finished and One Quick Question

  1. I think the info on Pileofabric should help, I like starch too. In cutting with a ruler make sure you are not cutting too long of strips. If you do move your hand down after short cuts and realign ruler and fabric. If too long the fabric can wiggle.
    I think later when you are sewing you can fix small wiggle room in fabric. The most important is to get a correct 1/4 ” or scant 1/4″ which ever the design calls for. You can line up the fabric on the grid lines on your machine for more help. Good luck.

  2. Here’s a valuable thing I learned the hard way. Get all your blocks sewn together and pressed nicely, and it does look like you have blocks going on there, then take an average measurement of a few of them. Then use a square ruler to “square them up.” This way they will all be the same size when you join your rows and columns, and your quilt will be more flat and less wonky. Don’t worry too much, though, this is what learning to quilt is all about.

  3. Your fabric pull looks great. Also remember to restraighten your edge. If you have longer strips it is a good idea to to that. Then make sure to hold the ruler firm and move your hand up as you cut. Not sure if those things were in the one posting but those tips help me.

  4. I think everyone has posted wonderful cutting tips here… I have been quilting for a few years, but still consider myself somewhat of a newbie… I think squaring up my blocks after I get them together, before sewing rows, etc is really key. Sometimes my corners just don’t match perfectly, and honestly no one has ever said, I don’t want this as a gift from you because I noticed a seam off a bit πŸ˜‰ Best of luck! Quilting is addictive!

  5. I find consistency to be key–in the accuracy cutting, 1/4″ seams, pressing, and pinning! I pin long pieces so they don’t shift and wherever there is a junction of seams. Your colors are lovely, I hope it comes together nicely for you!

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