City Samplers – Blocks 46 – 48

I’m almost past the halfway mark with these now which makes me happy!

Will be posting the next lot pretty quickly (as yet again I am behind) I just haven’t quite finished them yet.

These new ones are my favourites for a while….I think..I probably say that every time!! Anyway as a batch I love these colours together ……in fact one of the things I’ve loved most of all about making these millions of blocks is that I’m constantly finding new fabric and colour combinations to make me drool.

As I’m halfway (nearly) it’s about time for a recap…….favourites so far must be…….

  • kona salmon, essex linen in black, timeless treasures raindrops in yellow and some kind of low volume white (in this case Indian Summer)

Block 32

  • timeless treasures raindrops in yellow, bitty buds in aqua, kona charcoal

City Sampler - Block 8

  • timeless treasures raindrops in yellow, quilter’s linen in grey and stripy orange

block 13

  • kona mango, kona ash and crystalline in cobalt

block 14

  • kona mango, architextures crosshatch in grey and timber and leaf fox

City Sampler Sew Along - Block 7

  • Navy Tsuru cranes, quilter’s linen in grey and Indian Summer Native Band in Peach

block 34

  • Bitty buds in peach, kona glacier, kona mango and kaffe fassett in ice Block 40

Did you spot the FAVOURITEST favourites…yep, raindrops in yellow rates very high, so does the quilter’s linen, kona salmon and mango plus you can throw the kaffe fassett ice in there too. Bitty buds crops up a lot, although you can’t see it here crystalline is a real popular one with me as is architextures.

Wow, that’s help me organise my fabric brain! Now here are the most recent blocks…….


Block 46

Block 46

Block 47

block 47

Block 48

Block 48

Before I go just want to say a big thanks for all your great suggestions re the constellations quilt…still ruminating on that one and sourcing materials, but will be updating everyone soon!

Linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.

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