City Sampler – Blocks 40 – 42

Three more blocks for today. I can’t say I was looking forward to making these….all those itty bitty squares, super seams and predictable wonkiness.

Two of them lived up to expectations, only just making it to the 6.5″ mark, but amazingly #40 (the one I most dreaded) worked out especially well….yipee!!

It was a pure fluke, but as Gina mentions on Sew Sweetness the Kaffe shot cotton really helps to reduce bulky seams as it’s super sheer…..must make a note of that! Even if you aren’t sewing along if you make any of these blocks you really should check out the site as it is packed with helpful hints for each block.

Block 40

Block 40

Now these ones coming up need a VERY good pressing…look at the crinkles…oh dear! Can you tell the iron is not my friend?!

Block 41

Block 41

Block 42

Block 42

I will be back tomorrow with my goals for the month….bye for now!

Linking up with Sew Sweetness.

Sew Sweetness


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