Giveaway Winner!!

So we have a winner for the giveaway!

giveaway fabrics

I searched out the random number generator and it came up with this…


The lucky winner is Julie Taylor who said……….

“Well done on getting so many followers. My favourite fabrics are anything organic (I notice you’ve a couple in the giveaway!!!), but Liberty comes a close second. I follow on Bloglovin”

Congratulations Julie!

I hope you enjoy your organic fabrics, I’m sure you will use them to make something lovely. They will be on their way soon!!!

Thanks all very much for your comments and recommendations I will be keeping them in mind. There were definitely a few clear favourite fabrics not surprisingly Liberty rated very high.

Hoping to be back soon with an update on the constellations quilt…fingers crossed!


First Post …….eek!

So, it had to happen eventually ….I have finally entered the ‘blogosphere’ or whatever it’s called.

It’s all part of a New Year’s resolution to learn to sew, felt and just generally make some stuff. The hope is that through blogging I will be forced more motivated to create on a regular basis. Buuut… I heard somewhere that the more people you tell about a new year’s resolution the less successful you will be. Not sure how that works here, I suppose if no one reads this I’ll be ok. To be honest the making seems to have happened by itself, it’s the thought of blogging that has got in the way, but we’ll see…………..

Anyway enough of the negativity here’s something I finished this week, yay!

cap-sleeved top - simple modern sewing - pattern 7b

cap-sleeved top – simple modern sewing – pattern 7b