Conquering Quilting

So………………….like I said this blog is hopefully going to keep me motivated and keep me learning about all things crafty. Up until now I’ve put off writing a blog  as I didn’t feel I had anything particularly interesting to say or that any of my makings really deserved to be on show. But, things changed towards the end of 2012 when I conquered my greatest fear……….QUILTING! If I can do that I can do anything…ha ha. I still don’t have anything important to say and my stuff isn’t that great, but now I feel that I can and will get better. So  I’m ready to inflict my ramblings on the world (or at least my current one reader!) Patchwork and quilting has always scared me for a number of reasons. Mainly that whenever I hear or read about it somewhere in the same sentence is 1. maths and 2. precision; not my most favourite things. However, when I was looking for Christmas presents I came across a quilt pack fom Saints and Pinners. The pieces were pre-cut and consisted of straight strips of fabric, ideal for a beginner like me. It was also super cute and hard to resist!

Quilt Pack from Saints and Pinners - not made by me!

Quilt Pack from Saints and Pinners – not made by me!

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