UFO no 1 – New Look Pattern 6705

Over the past few months I’ve noticed my many unfinished projects are multiplying. I’ve tried to tuck them away in a box on a shelf in a corner but I can see that box now looming over me. Even if I try my hardest to ignore it it’s still there and every time I start something new I hear my projects saying “Remember us, you haven’t finished us yet”! As I mentioned in my previous post I intend to work on some felting for a change, but as this is the worst for giving birth to new UFOs the time has come to tackle these tasks. I have promised myself that each weekend I will finish one of these projects and first in line is the New Look Pattern 6705. Now all I had to do with this was sew on a button and hem the bottom of the shirt, but had I done this… no. My main excuse was not being able to find a button that matched, but to be honest I hadn’t tried that hard. I looked through my button box, none were right. I bought one, that wasn’t right. I put it in the box and vowed to look online, that didn’t happen. Eventually I stumbled across a button that seemed to work and finally I could finish it. Here it is:

New Look Pattern 6705 -- The first top I've ever made!

New Look Pattern 6705 — The first top I’ve ever made!

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