Cou Cou Ca Choo – ATC finished!

First things first…I’ve finished my ATC…

Although I was planning on keeping it black and white in the end I couldn’t resist adding a little colour.

coucou ATC finished

I’m really pleased at how it’s turned out, although the stitching on the back is dodgy to say the least! Continue reading


Moda Friendship Quilt Along – Block 10

You can probably see that I’m not exactly quilting along more like quilting a bit. As my attention span is short and my fabric supplies limited I thought I’d best focus on a block at a time to make something small, but usable and finished. So I was googling patterns for pan mats or what I now know are called ‘trivets’ (yes, I’d never heard that word before either…what, you mean that’s just me?) and stumbled across a blog called cotton way. This site not only had lovely pictures of trivets, beautiful – really want to buy that – fabric, but also mentioned the Moda Friendship Quilt Along.

This started another 3 hour trawl of the internet looking for the ideal easy, but not too easy block. I opted for no 10 and in order to avoid ultimate wonkiness I took my time……..three blocks in one day, more like one in three nights! What? I’ve got NCIS to watch.

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