Journal Quilts!

Soooo blogging went out the window for a while, nevermind!!

We’ve had the Easter holidays and I’ve had a super busy time in the job so something had to give.

My daughter was also sick then developed a fear of being sick and refused to eat which was a little stressful so getting past that has been a big focus these last few weeks. I mean she didn’t even want her Easter eggs…there *had* to be something wrong with the child!

Happy to say we seem to past that now so I am back to the blogging.

Anyway I have quite a lot of things to catch up on:

  • journal quilts
  • city sampler
  • everyday skirt
  • it’s a cinch tote
  • strip bee
  • some other stuff!

journal quilts - all

Let’s get started with the journal quilts…….

A few months ago I joined the UK Quilter’s Guild and signed up for their Journal Quilt Challenge.

The idea is to choose a theme and create an 8 x 8″ mini quilt each month. Now I signed up late so it’s all been a bit of a rush, but I got them done and I’m pretty pleased with them.



I chose as my theme ‘the stuff that surrounds me’ (although I didn’t quite phrase it like that!).
My thoughts being that we spend so much time rushing about or dreaming of getting away that we forget to take time to notice and appreciate the things close to us.


 Therefore rather than focussing on distant dreamlands I decided to consider the little worlds that surround us in what may seem quite ugly and mundane. Because of this I have been concentrating on details of walls, skirting boards, windows, wallpaper, bathroom tiles, damp stains and so on.


As part of my day job I’ve been assisting on a mindfulness course and this has also influenced my choices. Over the past weeks not only have I been doing body scans and the like each day, but I have also been *trying* to be more mindful in day-to-day life which kind of feeds into the theme.


The mini quilts are not quite what I had in mind as I was hoping to use some dying/embroidery/printing etc, but  I am hoping to add a new technique to each set so that they become more complex over the year.
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