Quilty Bucket List!

There’s a great blog hop that’s just started.

Yes, you guessed it ‘Quilty Bucket List‘ over at The Tilted Quilt.

I LOVE lists, I am a list kind of person. It’s my way of trying to organise my very unorganised brain! I’m not sure how helpful it actually is as I tend to make a list, look at it once, forget where I’ve put it, things change, I revise list…and so on!!

I’m hoping this will help sort things out.

1. Improv Sampler Quilt

First on the list is an improv sampler…..like this beauty:

Heather Ross Improv Quilt by Heidi Staples of Fabric Mutt

This pic led me to the hop as Heidi of Fabric Mutt is one of the first stops. I just LOVE it!

I’ve done the old City Sampler (no finished photos yet sorry!) so I’m looking for something more relaxed and a bit haphazard (in a good way)!!!

2. Make some more clothes……

Especially tops from voile.

I’m thinking of something like this Weekend Getaway shirt by Liesl + Co. Their patterns are lovely and so easy to follow.

Look at this beautiful version over at PIENKEL

Palos Verdes Blouse

3. An FMQ project

I keep going back to this Diamond Ring quilt.

Diamond Ring Quilt

Simple, but allows a lot of scope for FMQ.

4. A Lap Duvet

Lap Duvet

I found these the other day and they look so quick, comfy and cosy, there’s no option but to have a go. I’ve been looking for the right double gauze project and this is it!

5. A nice big bag!

Been thinking about this one for a while. To be honest I could do with more than one. Possibles are: the it’s a cinch tote, cargo duffle, weekender bag or travel duffel.

This fabric has been stashed away specially.

The land that never was

Hopefully it will be transformed soon!!

6. Reduce Fabric Stash

After seeing the above I fell head over heels with the land that never was and uh oh, look what happened…

the land that never was

Just need a few more to complete the set!

Then came the solids…

bucket list 4

And there’s these….

Abakhan Fabrics

I bought a few of these after a trip to Abakhan and then everyone now and again I add to the little pile and by some happy accident the colours seem to work really well together.

Plus if I don’t use these soon my boyfriend is going apply a fabric ban! Every time more drop through the letter box his question is: ‘Have you used those Abakhan fabrics yet?’ knowing full well I haven’t!!

6.  Finish this piece of embroidery


7. Make an abstract quilt

Going to be making some journal quilts this year. So hoping these will help me come up with something! I’m thinking FMQ, applique, embroidery and lots of negative space.

8. Clothes for little O

I have quite a stack of clothes planned for my daughter. I feel a bit sorry for her as these clothes keep getting put off and put off! I think my motivation is waning because she never actually wears anything I make her!

We have however chosen a few fabrics together so I’m hoping this’ll help.

Small Blooms: Garden

Social Climber: Gold

Anna Maria Horner - Hand Drawn Garden - Social Climber in Gold

And my personal favourite Catnap!

First stop the Sally Dress!

9. Japanese Quilt

I need to use these or I’ll be very sad!

kimono fabric - flowers

kimono fabric - wing

10. Medallion Quilt

Last but not least….an improv Medallion quilt.

Really fancy the idea of just working my way round bit by bit, making it up as I go along. I already have a block for the centre in mind.

So there we go, that’s my top ten. Why not have a go your self?

Pop over to Stacey at the Tilted Quilt.

And if you haven’t yet why not check out my giveaway while you’re here!

Linking up with Stephanie from Quarter Incher for WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


11 thoughts on “Quilty Bucket List!

  1. Great list! I love the diversity of it but you’ve got some great projects to look forward to. Thank you so much for linking up – I hope you continue to follow the lists of our other bloggers this month. Thanks!!

  2. oh I love a good list and your list is fab! I can vouch for the lap duvet Purl Soho tutorial. I made my kids one each about 3 years ago and they’ve been called Schnoovets (said..schnooveay) ever since – i think it was a mixture of snuggle+duvet – anyway – they’re fab- the kids still love them! Better crafty-use payback than making them clothes!

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