February Goals – MORE City Sampler!!

Look what I won!


Yes, that’s right, I won a beautiful set of Aurifil threads for the December Lovely Year of Finishes!!

Aren’t they gorgeous?! I only have limited blue threads at the moment so very pleased to see this beautiful rainbowy array, can’t wait to try them out.

Onto my goals for this month.

Quite simply it’s this…….

City Sampler Basted

Finish the city sampler.

I’m not sure it’s wise to set this as a goal, but really I should be able to get it done, I mean it’s taken long enough so far!!

City Sampler - Collage 2

The only thing is I’m not quite sure about the measurements.

Here was my original plan:

Ciry sampler - example strip

So two square blocks and then a narrower strip in the centre.

But now, after laying it on the bed, it looks a little too narrow in comparison to the length and the proportions just don’t feel right to me. The quilt would cover the foot on the bed easily, but only slightly fall over the sides. It’s not a big deal and it would look fine I’m sure, but I think it might bother me.

So the other option is this:

PicMonkey Collage - city sampler alternative

This means adding four extra blocks to the centre strips. I haven’t basted the narrow strips yet so that’s entirely possible. It would also work with my quilting idea. Plus side I can use more blocks….buuut it’s going take longer….boooo!!

What do you think, should I do it?

Oh and before I go here’s a sneak peak of the backing fabrics…..

backing fabrics - city samplerBotanics

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15 thoughts on “February Goals – MORE City Sampler!!

  1. If it were mine, I’d add the extra strips. But then, I’m a squares freak and find regularity and symmetry more satisfying to my eye. How about adding narrow strips to either end, rather than in the middle?

  2. Love the pattern and the fabrics. Modern and chic. I think if it’s going to bother you you should fix it so it doesn’t bother you. 🙂 It would be such a waste to go through all of that and not LOVE what you have done. That’s just my two cents worth. 🙂

  3. Go with your gut feel as to which you’d prefer to see on the bed. It doesn’t matter in the long run that it takes longer to finish. Hopefully it’s going to be admired every day for a long time to come 🙂

  4. It’s looking really good, Amy. Will be interested in hearing what you think of those Aurifils, having never used them myself. Not even sure we can get them in the UK?

  5. Congratulations on winning the threads, they look beautiful! I’ve noticed that some people are using that brand for hand-embroidery too. I agree with the comments that say to follow your instincts, but I do think the second layout with the three full blocks is easier on the eyes 🙂 The backing fabrics are lovely, especially the blues!

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