Bee Buzziness

Another six weeks have passed, my second bee strip has been completed and it’s winging its way over to has arrived safe and sound with Sarah @ Quilt Candy.

Now we have agreed not to show any more quilt following the starter strips. However, we can show a few sneaky peaks and of course the inspirational strips that kicked it all off.

I always receive my strip from Jennifer @ Glinda Quilts and hers cannot help but remind me of super sweet sweeties – rhubarb and custard, fruit salad…take your pick!!

This was my daughter helping out…

Olive - strip

Then my boyfriend took over…give us a smile!!

dew - strip

If that sunshine yellow doesn’t brighten your day nothing will.

Anyway I added my bit, but sorry this is all I can show you…….mwahahaha!

sneaky peak of strip - heart

And this….

sneaky peak of strip

Then my next installment dropped through the door, yay! This starter strip was created by Fran @ PatchyRose.

wonky stars

Isn’t it cute…I love a quilted star. I wanted a pic with the whole strip but you could see Jen’s addition and that is for her to share. Buuut…I can tell you that it involves purple which my daughter was *very* happy about!

I haven’t quite decided what to add, although I do have a few ideas that I won’t be discussing……….. well, maybe a little bit!

PS if you would like to see how my starter strip’s progressing why not pop over to Quilt Candy and have a look.

strip bees


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