Building Blocks: City Sampler Update

I seem not to have blogged about my City Sampler blocks for about 3 weeks…oops!

Here they are……….

Block 31

Block 31

Block 32

Block 32

I have to say I really love this one (32) it is very close to being my favourite. Look at those cute little foxies, I could eat them all up. Except that I don’t eat meat so I wouldn’t… of course!!

Block 33

Block 33

Block 34

block 34

Block 35

block 35

Block 36

Block 36

Block 37

Block 37

Block 38

block 38

Block 39block 39

Plus I finally got round to making a design wall so I can look at all these beauties together.

design wall

It’s so nice to be able to see them all alongside one another rather than in a pile on the bookshelf where they normally reside aaaand really helpful in making decisions on which colours are lacking. It’s actually quite funny because all the worrying I was doing about not having enough darks wasn’t totally necessary, in fact it seems that the lighter blocks were also low….just shows, what do I know!


10 thoughts on “Building Blocks: City Sampler Update

  1. So yeah, i’m just going to send you my address and you just feel free to mail me this outstandingly gorgeous quilt when it’s all finished up! K?! Thanks 😉
    Seriously though, i absolutely love every last one of them!

  2. Ok, so I’ve been seeing these blocks pop up in blogland and thinking “that looks nice” etc. I’ve seen yours all together and I’m thinking “I have to get this book”! Love it x

  3. WOW. thank you so much for the photo of all the blocks so far! This is going to be an incredible quilt, Amy. The solids you chose are so spot-on–they go great with the Indian Summer and other prints. I love the coral solid, especially.

  4. WOW indeed, Amy – these are amazing. Your fabric choices really work in your blocks and I’m very envious of your design wall 🙂

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