Looping the Liberty

Remember this……

close up stars

Well, after much procrastination I gave myself a stern talking to, dug out the darning foot and yes, I got it finished!

First I brought out the big guns. Aren’t you jealous of these babies?! OK, maybe not, but they do the job…kind of.

quilting gloves

I did a bit of this…..

FMQ close up

And now it looks like this……….

Liberty Stars - close up 2

And this………..

liberty stars cushion 1

There are (as usual!!) some things I’m not so keen on ……..while I loved the fabrics I chose for the main cushiony bit I was not happy with the bias binding.

Usually I make my own, but this time to prevent further procrastination I opted for the ready made variety. I had used it before on a small project, but was so new to the whole quilting thing I didn’t really notice the strange texture.

This time however I found it felt almost plasticky and was difficult to stitch through, then any seam ripping (as there always is) left big holes so not the best.

Cushion Back

Also if I had written this right after finishing I would have said I didn’t like the FMQ too, but I have to say it’s grown on me. I don’t know if I’d include the flowers next time, but it was a nice experiment and I probably just need to practise.

I’ve got some Leah Day Tule fat quarters coming in the post so maybe I’ll have a practise on them, but how many cushions does a girl need?!


15 thoughts on “Looping the Liberty

  1. This is so cute! I love that you took leeetle pieces of Liberty and worked them into a design where they have maximum impact for minimum yardage. The FMQ is perfection! Wonder why your bias binding turned out weird?

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  3. i’ve never seen bias tape like that…usually just see solid colors available in stores. i think it looks great so don’t be so hard on yourself 🙂 i also like that gray, it’s gorgeous. if you don’t need any more cushions i’m sure you can find some people that might 😉 he he

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