xx Festival of Quilts xx

Ok, so I’m back again. Yeah, I wasn’t lying when I said the next post was going to follow shortly!

I was going to tag this on the end of the last post but then thought better of it.

No. It deserves its very own post I decided.


International Block Swap

So some of you may be asking yourselves ‘What is this Festival of Quilts?’ and the answer is:

A gathering of quilts, quilters and quilt shops from far and wide and according to the website the BIGGEST of its kind in Europe.

As a newbie quilter it was my first visit to the Festival of Quilts and quite exciting for me. There were so many lovely quilts and much inspiration. Sadly however, I forgot to take my camera…I know, I know what was I thinking…yep, that’s right, I wasn’t!

I did manage to take a few very bad photos on my phone though.

Also I didn’t get anyone’s name. (Like I said I wasn’t thinking). So very sorry that I can’t reference them, but any suggestions are welcome.

festival of quilts - flower

Behold this amazing quilting, even my boyfriend was impressed at this one!

festival of quilts - floral

Cute birdy mini quilt..also here I can read the name – Judith Beevor

festival of quilts - mini quilt_birds

Love this one….

festival of quilts - rainbow

There were many more than these and many that said ‘no photos’ so I refrained. I also missed a lot, I think the City Sampler was there which was a bit sad to miss, but I know for next time …..

  • to take my camera, duh!
  • be more organised


  • take more money, here’s why……

Oh yes, it’s Liberty. These babies were £1 each, I had to stop myself from going crazy!

liberty - 1There’s more….

liberty 2

Then there’s the Japanese stuff…

kimono fabric - wingAnd this one…

kimono fabric - flowers

Some fat quarters….

japanese fat qts

And finally some Oakshott Fabrics. I tried so hard to resist these, but it was inevitable I had to have them – Elements – Air and some Cool Mint, um yum! You can’t really see the colours here but it is kind of a mix of pale green and a darker blue – gorgeous.

oakshott fabrics - air


I can’t wait to use these, but I’m going to have to as I have too many other projects to be getting on with at the mo. These will be coming soon.



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