We’re Getting There……City Sampler Blocks 10 – 12!

First things first………. I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who visited my blog over the past few days and left a lovely comment. Plus thanks very much for all your advice, I reeeeally appreciate you taking the time to offer some super suggestions.

I think I’ve decided that my failing on the lengthy fabric cutting is down to my laziness at not taking the time to line it up properly or square up the edges…lesson learned. Next time be more careful and if it’s getting past midnight don’t do it, better to take my time!!

Loved the tips about the bulky seams, there were some techniques in there that I’d never heard of and seriously doubt I would have found them by myself…..will be scouring the web for some tutorials me thinks.

So after all that writing some pretty pictures. Yes, it’s the next installment in City Sampler blocks!!

Block 10

City Sampler - Block 10

Block 11

City Sampler - Block 11

Block 12

City Sampler - Block 12

There is a teeny tiny mistake in one of these, but I’m not telling what it is…I think it’s quite obvious really!!

Even after 10-12 I’ve still not caught up ….*sigh* ….but I’m determined this will happen over the next week…it must!

Also need to finish my Bee strip so that I can complete my Lovely Year of Finishes for this month and so I can send it off. Hey ho, where does the time go?!

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13 thoughts on “We’re Getting There……City Sampler Blocks 10 – 12!

  1. I can’t find it either?! So Ashley’s right, it’s just not there. 🙂 I love every single one of the fabrics you’ve used. I can’t wait to see how the final project turns out–it’ll be like a tour of all of the best fabrics from 2013, I think!

  2. No errors to be found and I looked pretty hard! You’ve convinced me to get this book and begin making blocks 🙂 Now I’m off to work on my ALYOF project. Still not sure if I will actually finish it 😦

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