Modern Mini Quilt Challenge!

Amazingly I’ve decided to enter something in the mini quilt contest over at Ellison Lane.

Now my entry isn’t great, I’m aware of that, but my choice is limited and this one fits the bill best, so I’m entering this baby:

improv cushion

I’ve written about this cushion before so I’m not going to go into great detail, but if you want to read a bit more have a look here.

amended cushion

It was a bit of an improv thing so I’m quite proud of it especially as it was one of my first quilting exploits.

cushion 2

Some Cushion Stats

Name: Constructivist Cushion

Size: 22″ x 22″

Design: Mine!! (with inspiration from this ‘winging it’ cushion)

Fabric: Osnaberg, Kona Solids in celery, pacific and I’m guessing black and orange (?!), Moda fabrics Petit Odile and Independance Trail

Completed: Feb/Mar 2013


14 thoughts on “Modern Mini Quilt Challenge!

  1. Reblogged this on Nonni's Creative Place and commented:
    This is what I am loving about my new crafting hobby, quilting…’s not just about the beautiful historical bed quilts! Look at this fabulous pillow!! Awesome! I can see me spending hours in my craft room making mini quilts….PILLOWS!!!! Yes!!!
    If you visit this blog I found, Cloud CouCou Crafts…..she has all kinds of fun stuff to ooo and ahhh at!

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